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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome again Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN)! 100 brand new units of DHF.UN in my investment portfolio!

I just purchased 100 units of Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) at 19.38$ each.

I know, I was supposed to do this Monday morning, but as I had worked all weekend long, I was feeling like getting a little rest. From what I can quickly see, my non registered stocks and units portfolio close at 63 485.44$. Nice gain overall for my investment portfolio.

I proceed yesterday with my TD Visa credit card balance transfers at CIBC Visa and RBC Visa. I did the transfers on my lunch break. But just before, I had called TD Canada Trust just to make sure that if my doing so, I could get 4.9% low interest rate for another 6 months… The answer was yes… This is making possible the 2 investments of today, who should closed my trading sessions for 2010. This is kind of funny knowing that I wrote that my investment in EnCana Corporation (ECA) was going to be my last trade… But I was wrong, was I… Well, many factors play in my favor, that extension of 6 months for my 8 000$ credit card balance and also the fact that is overtime available at my weekday job.

Very happy with my new investment in Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN)!


Arun said...

Hey, you mentioned that you got a TD loan for 4.9% right? Actually, all the Canadian banks are offering loan for 1.99% for the credit cards. If you call and ask them, then they will say a high rate, so, next time pay full amount and just leave your card without using it for a month. DON'T CALL THEM. LET THEM TO CALL YOU. They will call you and ask you for the loan with low rate because they want you to use they card. Try this technique, you can save lot of money, even you can ask them for 12 months. Currently, I am getting 1.99% rate for 12 months for my TD visa card.

Arun said...

Watch out for DHF.UN. They are planning to restructure they units. They may cut or decrease the yield%. BA.UN faces huge competion in communication market. Use bit more bucket for your EGGS.

Sunny said...

I consider myself lucky to have that 4.9%. I am too busy using my credit, a do not use your credit card and wait for a call rule won't work for me!

DHF.UN will decrease their dividend once turn into a corporation, that's been announced a couple of months ago.

As for BA.UN, it's a Maritimes stock. People of Maritimes loves their business. I don't think Rogers or other will be able to beat Bell A. in the Maritimes. The Maritimes is a BA.UN territory


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