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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TMX Group Inc. (X) shareholders to vote on the London Stock Exchange merger

On today May 25, 2011, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice had approved a TMX Group Inc. (X) shareholder meeting and vote on the proposed tie-up with the London Stock Exchange.

I had been a shareholder of the TMS Group Inc. (X) since a couple of months now, I think I qualify to express myself on another way that just blogging regarding the London Stock Exchange merger. Of course, now knowing a French man of the name of Xavier Rolet will be the leader behind both the London Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange, I will vote against the merger. And I will invite all shareholders to do the same.

I know, at first, I was for the merger of equals with London Stock Exchange, but that was before knowing who was going to be the leader. Also, on a long term, who knows which kind of jerk could be elected in charge of our Canadian Exchange? That’s why the power needs to remain inside Canada. We build a fabulous exchange with the power of our economy, the Toronto Stock Exchange belong to Canadians and no one else. The Toronto Stock Exchange need to remain inside of Canada, for Canadians.

The merger project won’t bring anything to Canada. Our greatest proud, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Toronto Venture Exchange will be governs by foreign authorities. But not only that, the merger is projects that exist only to satisfy the taste of glory of Xavier Rolet. Canada is among the best country of the world, our Exchange is the best and all London know it. They want us, but they can die trying.

Europeans will mess up like they mess up everything in their financial system. We are not Europe, we are Canada. Canadians cannot be part of Europe.

Time has come to fight the evil forces. Vote no to the merger of equals.

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