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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When margin account money becomes monopoly money: the case of TMX Group Inc. (X)

I had a fun time today with my trade in Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bull Plus ETF (HZU). It’s just something I am doing for the fun of it and I do not trade much on each trials. At this time, I am stuck in with my First Majectic Silver Corp (FR) investment. I did not invest that much on this one either. Just my investment lost value in one day instead of gaining some. But I cannot be a winner on each and single of them knowing who I am. A small investor trying to make quick little gain. Well, that’s risky. But my way is safe, I find, despite the craziness. A 30$ gain in one day. Yep, I am happy about it. Yeah :0)))

Currently, I am working at restructuring my portfolio. Following my sell of Toronto Dominion Bank (TD), another stock that I hold and doesn’t pay much in dividend is TMX Group Inc. (X). My investment in TMX Group Inc. (X) was an impulsive one. I am from those who got over-excited with the merger news. And bang, that’s how overnight I invested in TMX Group Inc. (X) using monopoly money (that will be my margin account money of course). No doubt that TMX Group Inc. (X) is a good investment, but it’s a good investment for those who have real cash in their broker account and not monopoly money. I really like to name margin account money monopoly money because that’s really what it is. Margin money is monopoly money. Believe it or not. That money exists because for now, what I have in my portfolio actually worth something. Currently, my non registered portfolio is at 113k. I want to sell TMX Group Inc. (X). Not because it’s not a good investment, but because it’s being hold on... monopoly money lol... So far, I had been lucky, but luck is like youngest, it could disappear just like it had come. But my investments are not only about luck. There’s a bit of common sense in what I do or try to do.

However, this being said, I would like to sell TMX Group Inc. (X). I am only looking forward for the title to gain. And it’s looking good. The X is exceeding the 41$ right now.

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