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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome, Atlantic Power Corp (ATP) in my investment portfolio!

I sell some stocks of CDL.A who don't pay that much in dividend anyway (but title stable - that's why I left some stocks of CDL.A in) and I reinvested in some stocks of Atlantic Power Corp (ATP). Title is stable, being rate as low risk by SPBrunner right here. I also borrowed from her another investment that had been in my portfolio for a little while now, K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL). On top of all that, ATP yield is of more than 7%. Perfect stock for a New Brunswicker, don't you think so?


NeilM said...

If you want some utilities, check out Algonquin (AQN) or Wisconsin Energy(WEC-NYSE).

Algonquin pays a pretty good dividend and has been steadily been moving up since I purchased it.

I just bought WEC, has a decent dividend, and a great dividend coverage of 244% (EPS/dividend*100) - which may mean they will move to increase the dividend.


V said...

I have ATP also along with SPB which exceeded earnings expectation last week and looks to be on the rebound. Both good sources of income

Anonymous said...

No doubt a 7% dividend rate is pretty aluring, but for a company that is loosing money, do you think this this a risky purchase? How long can they keep up the dividend before they lower it?

Keep up the blog, I enjoy following your investing decisions.



Sunny said...

Hi NeilM,

Thanks for the tip. I am a bit familiar with AQN. WEC is new to me.

Hi V,

Thanks for reading. I was happy with this new investment.

Hi AC,

It's a decision I took. Since ATP was from Susan blog, I taught it worth a try. We'll see how it goes. My investment in it is small. Nothing to be worry about but still, I hope it will go well. The company pay a monthly dividend, which will be quite enjoyable.

V said...

I believe ATP has tax pools to keep the dividend until 2014.

Sunny said...

Hi V,

Wow, that's very impressive.

I have a good impression of ATP. A real good one and when I found out about them, I really wanted to be a stock holder and here I am, holding some ATP in my portfolio. It's add to my diversification. Very happy about it.

Sunny said...

Hi V, that's good to know! :0)

High on Dividends said...

WEC look great. But has a low dividend. Great for a capital appreciation pay only.

AQN and ATP are money losing dogs that will have to cut dividends soon since there is no money to pay for dividends. They are artificially existing after doing the conversion from income trust.

Not sure what these pay out, but ANY stock with a >100% payout can not sustain it.

This is NOT the Derek Foster strategy of buying solid companies. These are fringe companies, with shaky balance sheets. You are speculating instead of investing...

High on Dividends said...

Correction on the WEC dividend. It is high, since they just raised it.

High on Dividends said...

Correction again. Seems I was right the first time.

WEC is being mis-reported in price and high dividend yield due to a recent split.

WEC recently split, so the dividend is only half now of what the last payment was, or $1.04 per share.

That puts it at a low. 3.3%. Too low!

SPBrunner said...

I hope you bought this stock based on more than just low risk. Low risk means that you are unlikely to lose a lot of money on an investment. It does not make it a good investment.

Sunny said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for visiting.

I understand what you mean. Even low risk rate can be risky. I am aware of that. Everything I invested in so far are investment at risks, just some are at higher risk than other.

I pick in your stuff, but I won't blame you if something happen. :0)
Thanks for the warning. It's kind of you.


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