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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nickel is going to rock your world: DNI Metals (DNI) realized a 38.89% gain on May 27, 2011

My investment in DNI Metals (DNI) has been done a long time ago, more exactly on June 17, 2009. On that date, I invested 717$ in the company. Back in 2009, DNI Metals (DNI) was known under the name of Dumont Nickel (DNI). Reading back my posts of DNI Metals made me laugh because back in June 2009, my goal was to kind of day trade Dumont Nickel (DNI). Prior to June 17, 2009, DNI had reached the 5 cents per stock. I taught I could make a quick buy-on-sell. At the time, I didn’t have too much investment experience – even less than now. For me, it appears to be easy to make a profit of DNI. But the profit never came and that’s how I currently hold DNI Metals (DNI) in my portfolio.

In June 2011, I will be celebrating my 2 years investment in DNI Metals (DNI). Nothing really fantastic happens so far for DNI. Sometimes, for X reason, DNI makes some interesting gain, but nothing much that really worth a sell and a cash in money. However, lately, DNI Metals (DNI) had shown up signs of a penny stock becoming something more sustainable.

Many projects are on their way in Alberta. When it comes to DNI Metals (DNI) I find the development extremely slowww. However, I am quite happy with my choice of holding the investment for so long. For a 717$, I am not risking too much anyway. And previously, a reader post something in here regarding DNI, that chances are good that DNI may worth a lot more in a close future. All good news for DNI.

On today May 27, 2011, DNI Metals (DNI) gains a very awesome 38.89% (7 cents). DNI Metals (DNI) closed today at 25 cents. At this time, it’s still worth it to hold DNI Metals (DNI) because interesting developments are on their ways. Also, nickel is in demand. Not as much as silver, but still, it can be interesting to still hold DNI at this time. After all, I already wait 2 years, I won’t mind holding another 2 years if it’s to assist to other prospective development and get rich on nickel. Thank you DNI Metals (DNI).


Chris K said...

You must be happy with today's close of DNI ... $0.34

Sunny said...

Hi Chris,

Yes, I am very happy :0)
Finally, after 2 years, the title in gaining in value. Exciting time!


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