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Monday, May 30, 2011

Fortis (FTS) is taking care of business the right way, welcome to Central Vermont Public Service

Today is an historic day for Fortis (FTS). I had been lucky enough to invest in Fortis (FTS) while its stock value was at 27$. That was back in what I think was 2009. Lucky because it’s not anytime soon that you’ll see Fortis (FTS) at 27$ per stock. That may never happen again actually. Sometime, I can be very very smart.

Here come today the fantastic Fortis (FTS), the proud of the Canadian nation, the Maritimes province and of course, Newfoundland, Fortis (FTS) today made an historic acquisition that is going to drive Fortis on top of  the world. For the first time ever, Fortis (FTS) is going to deliver in the USA. Fortis (FTS) had buy a US company, Central Vermont Public Service for 700$ US million.

Hydro-Québec had tried to buy Central Vermont Public Service but of course, just like it did for NB Power, Hydro-Québec failed and did not win the deal.

Now, Central Vermont Public Service is the exclusive property of Fortis (FTS). Fortis (FTS) will have a lot of work in the upcoming weeks. By buying Central Vermont Public Service, Fortis (FTS) also acquired 230 million US debt of the Central. But as you know, there’s nothing much Fortis (FTS) can’t manage.

Once again, Fortis (FTS) is pushing it right to the top. Go baby go :0)


Rick said...

I thought I'd make a suggestion regarding updating your investment portfolio value. Have you tried using Google Docs. With that you can link to Google finance and keep your portfolio up-to-date within 15 minutes. You can get all kinds of data for all your stocks ... such as current price, the day's change, etc. I spent the time setting up my spreadsheets on Google Docs and now I can check during the day and it shows the price change for each stock, the total change in value of my holding in each stock and the total change in the value of all my holdings. It might take some time to set up your spreadsheets, but it saves lots of time thereafter.

Good luck

Sunny said...

Hi Rick!

This is a very good suggestion! updating manually my portfolio was fun at the early beginning, but now it's taking me very long and I don't update as much as before. So I will take a look at your Google finance.

My Own Advisor said...

Go baby go indeed! Love FTS :)

Sunny said...

Fortis rock :0)


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