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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Eric Sprott silver investment is on the road for recovery for Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) and Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U)

On May 18, 2011, I decided to invest again in the Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV). At the time, the units worth 16.03$. I invested previously in some Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) when the units had reached its highest value, the price being around 22$. Following the silver crash, the units went from 22$ to 15$. Seem like the silver investment of Sprott is on its road to recovery. Today is a fantastic day for silver.

Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) gain 3.78% and is currently at 17.55$. It’s currently going to be exactly like I expect it, slow and consistent gain until recovery is completed, which meaning until the PSLV and PHS.U reached back the 22$ per unit.

I did not proceed with any day trading on my margin account today despite having the very wonderful Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bull Plus ETF (HZU) over performing. I think the term I used here describe perfectly well the performance of HZU. It’s exactly over performing. Gains can be materializing very quickly in the silver game.

I still have 2 day trading on pending: Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Crude Oil Bear Plus ETF (HOD) and Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF (HZD). Until those 2 get cleared, I don’t think I will be day trading. I prefer to concentrate on other activities and monitor my investment portfolio during the day. And don't think you really want me to wear a Louis Vuitton bag by the way.

First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) is performing majestically well. Currently, First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) is at 19.64$! This stock price is currently exceeding the original 19.34$. I could sell now, but won’t and don’t recommend selling any of your First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) stocks at this time because this is just the beginning of a new journey for First Majestic Silver Corp (FR). The company is still young and is under expansion. Don’t forget, First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) produces the purest silver of the world... In order words: be ready for HUGE profit. And I am ready! I plan to stick and hold until this baby reach the 25$ and up. And when it will happen, you’ll thank me. I know, I am that good. :0)

My non registered portfolio had gain over 1 000$ today. This is quite HUGE as well... Silver is still hot. What is not hot however is having the French Xavier Rolet riding around this powerful investment tool that is the Toronto Stock Exchange. Will Stephen Harper continue his inactivity or will he stand up like a man for his country and stop the merger project? A French of France leadership must be avoid.

Currently, TMX Group Inc. (X) is losing 46 cents and stand at a poor 43.42$. Our TMX Group Inc. (X) can do better than that and that will be without Xavier Rolet in the portrait.

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