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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Better days for EnCana Corporation (ECA)?

Back in August 2010, I had invested in EnCana Corporation (ECA). Since August 2010, there have been some ups and downs for EnCana. For me, EnCana was the investment that was going to bring in a plus value on the long run. I wanted to see ECA value double but it never did. At least so far. Prior to April 2009, ECA stocks worth more than 50$ per share. My goal was to see ECA gain value very quickly, but those types of gains barely ever happen overnight.

But recently, an interesting article about EnCana appears in the Globe and Mail. ECA plan to triple its gas production. In the current economic situation, I don’t know if it will be enough for EnCana to hit back its old 50$ per share. But no matter what, some interesting developments are on their way, which is good for the long run.

I did not buy my ECA stocks when they were at 50$, but I bought the ones that are from my non-registered portfolio when they were around 30$. I am currently experiencing a loss of 1 800$ with ECA since the share price hit in the 20$. It’s quite a massive and very frustrating lost. I won’t be investing in more ECA stocks, but with the recent development, I will certainly hold to what I have.

It’s been quite difficult to see ECA going down to the 20$. I hope the future will be better for ECA. Susan Brunner recently wrote about EnCana Corporation (ECA).

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