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Monday, October 3, 2011

They call it a bear market

They call it a bear market. And myself, I don’t know how to name the description we’re living in at this time. I did not expect to be so bad. I did not expect to lose more than 16 000$ on the market. It was not planned; it wasn’t supposed to happen to me. This is not my destiny. This is not how I had plan things to be like. I was supposed to have it easy. Not soo hard. I had been doing so well and now, the hard work is, for now – gone with the wind. In a matter of just a couple of weeks, I went from a beautiful 160k in asset to the now you know what.

I am not totally in desperation, but... This is king of hard and it’s getting harder each single time the TSX is taking a hit. I am being punch down like if a dragon would be punching my stomach over and over again.

In my live, nothing is very much easy. I took a nice summer vacations at the end of July. When I came back, I got hit by behind by the August stock crash. Months pass, but the situation is not getting better – but that being just for the portfolio life. Because if you are asking me about my personal life, well strangely, it never been better.

I never taught it would had become possible for me to change job, to get even a better one and, even better, get that better job in a better province other than Quebec. That being in New Brunswick of course.

But it seem like I cannot have it all.

Good night.

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