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Monday, October 3, 2011

For Jean-François Tardif, former hedge fund manager: cash is king

This is quite huge. Who could know? In those difficult times, Jean-François Tardif, ex super star hedge fund manager is holding 70% of his portfolio in cold cash! Jean-François Tardif the master of the TSX himself is only holding 30% of his portfolio in stocks and bonds. JUST 30%. Read it here.


I am following Jean-François Tardif like no one else out there. See, it happen that the guy is quite mysterious but even there, he managed do some comebacks from time to time, a Jean-François Tardif fresh band news pop up. And of course, I am reading it all. And this time, Jean-François Tardif is getting back to the basic of investment: cash. Jean-François Tardif is not investing in silver, not even in gold.

So seem like my decision to pay off debt until the end of 2011 is a good decision after all. Don’t you think so?

I am a f genius. LOL.

Oh, and by the way, Jean-François Tardif also said that a 5-6% will be the average portfolio return in the next couple of years. A 5-6% per year. Not 7. Not 8. Not 9. Just a tiny little 5 to 6%.


At this time, I think I will just leave my portfolio the way it is and pay on my massive debt because gees, Jean-François Tardif himself has more than 70% of his portfolio in CASH. We got this incredible chance, us, retail investors, to know what’s going on with Jean-François Tardif. The millionaire is holding not stock, but cash!!!! We have to take that in huge consideration.

At this time, the best thing I can for my little self is to pay off some debt. That’s what I will be doing in the next couple of weeks.

I am extremely happy to have discovered this today. Because in case you didn’t know, here at the Dividend Girl blog, we’re HUGE fan of Jean-François Tardif and the fact that Jean-François is a Quebecker doesn’t change anything in that.


I know I know... I SO BAD AND SO BLESS at the same time.

I am happy to see Jean-François Tardif off the market a little because being in it, being fully invested is really not easy at this time. I am able to go through this because I am now at home in New Brunswick, I am not getting here the stress of the city. Here, I can live my market stress by looking at trees of my backyard.

I don’t know how things will turn out but I know for sure that getting a view from Jean-François Tardif himself is kind of a release. I don’t think he would have appreciated managing an hedge fund in those market conditions. Got to admire the man if you’re not stupid 100% fully invested (which I am unfortunately am).

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Anonymous said...

Yeah its a good time to focus on paying of your margin debts right now instead of buying more stocks.

- E


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