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Friday, October 21, 2011

I am an adventurous stock picker, and what about you?

I was quite happy today to see those positive gains. The gains on the TSX had of course had a direct effect on my portfolio. I am very close to the 150k. I actually have a couple of 20$ bills that I didn’t include in the count... I always count what remain at the bank in my savings because fact is, those 20$ bills are going to spend sooner or later. So it’s all going pretty well. I recently place my latest trade in Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC), just a few hundred dollars to satisfy by habit.

This was quite a surprise because I promised myself to focus on high quality stocks – blue chips – only. But promises are made to be broke. I had enough of the very poor yield of the blue chips and decided to try something else. FC was a stock recommendation of Gordon Pape. Personally, I do not consider myself as a good stock picker. I am, otherwise, an adventurous stock picker. I think I had said that before. If not, it was something I had in mind for quite some time: adventurous stock picker. It’s my excuse for over-trading and over-investing. But it won’t stop anytime soon, especially now. It’s an investment rally. The only problem is that Euro shit.

My next investment will be in the middle of November probably and at that time, I should have a bit more than a thousand to invest. So what’s going to be my next investment? This time, I need something good, I need something stable. What I need is a boring high quality blue chips paying very little in dividend. I am already packed in pipeline stocks, but I don’t have too much choice here. Try to get a stocks with a perfect chart: it’s extremely difficult to find. Not too much qualify and one great thing is that Gordon Pape wrote several articles all beginning by “Super stock”, in which we cover stocks that can be purchase in those difficult times. I already own TRP, BNS, FTS, CNR, PPL, ENF and some other good stuff. I already own a lot of good stocks, but fact is, my portfolio will get even better and stronger if I continue to add some other blue chips in. They don’t pay too much in dividend, but they preserved the capital invested and bring in some capital gain in case of sale.

So for all those reasons, I decided to go with a Super stock of Gordon Pape and a long time pick of Derek Foster: Enbridge (ENB). At this time, because it’s going so well and that I am very going to hit the mark of the 200k, I don’t have any choices to continue to invest and to invest in blue chips. The choice is not mine.

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