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Monday, October 31, 2011

My very own blue chips investment rule or on how I plan to beat Bill Gates

It’s Halloween and I received today my Atlantic Power Corp (ATP) dividend: a cuty 9.12$. The stock market is down again. My non-registered portfolio is down to 107 464.63$. My portfolio is down, but I am still in a good shape, considering what we are in right now. I have to admit, trying to get something out of the market right now is very difficult. It’s terribly hard to keep my head of the water. I would like to be able to recover from my capital loss as soon as possible. I can achieve that by remaining where I am right now. This meaning I have to keep leave the money where it is, I have to leave my stocks on the market and stop overtrading. Also, I have to keep going. This meaning I need to continue to invest and I really have to focus on blue chips, especially those who pay very little in dividend. They are among the best stocks.

You just need to take my investment in Canadian National Railway Co (CNR). I had purchased some stocks at 65$ of that baby. And now, in a very short period of time, CNR is almost at 80$ per stock. That’s very impressive isn’t? The only problem is in the dividend payout. CNR pay less than 2% in dividend and its stock is ultra expensive. So why should you investing in CNR? Well, because I personally own stocks of CNR and also because Bill Gates also own stocks of CNR for his foundation. That’s what I had read. So the Dividend Girl AND Bill Gates? Well, CNR can only be a killer stock (isn’t a perfect term right on time for Halloween??). And trust me, it is. CNR is a flying rocket. So be ready for the stuff! CNR is the best investment you can get in those recessions time. And sometimes, I am shocked that I am still working, that I am currently living in New Brunswick, that I am driving a car, that I have money left to invest every months or so. Why is it going well can someone please tell me? Well, I guess I just deserved the stuff. But I don’t have it all yet, I need to recover from my capital loss. But a question remains: can I do it?

Personally, I have problem to invest in blue chips and it’s extremely difficult to invest in blue chips only because they pay so little in dividend and are way too much boring to hold. I made my latest in Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC). Unfortunately for me, FC is not a blue chips. I had invested in FC because for that time, I just have very little to invest and FC was a recommendation of Gordon Pape. I had trouble with some Eric Sprott recommendations (remember my investment in Timminco (TIM), and oh, Sprott Inc. (SII) itself and PHS.U and its American cousin), but I never had any trouble with Gordon Pape stock recommendations. Fact is, I was and still so confident about Eric Sprott that I follow almost his every moves – that being directly from New Brunswick. I still believe in Eric Sprott silver, in Sprott Inc. (SII) stocks, in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund ok, but one thing you need to know is that Eric Sprott is a very aggressive investor. Investing in silver like Sprott, buying some Sprott Canadian Equity Fund shares in order to eventually see the value double, living the Timminco disaster, well, all those things you know, when you experienced it for yourself – me as a middle class investor, well you know, it make you realize that at a point, you may not be that much, a nobody buying stocks for fun hoping to get rich some day but still, geessss it’s been sooooo muchhhh fun. Lol. It’s important to know exactly who you are in order to keep focus on things that really matter.

In my investment life, I did all kind of trades, pretty much sure that TD Waterhouse cannot follow quite well however, no one was to understand and get it, what will make the difference on the long term is me, keeping in control of my assets. That’s not something easy to do especially while working daytime like I am doing now. But at a point, I realize that following the stock market during the day and working the evening shift was quite of a crazy pattern that exhausted me.

The stock market? Do as you feel, but like me, you should very try to focus on blue chips. Forget the fancy stuff, silver, gold, Sprott... Everyone is in to make money and that’s include Gordon Pape and Eric Sprott so at the end, you are left alone and you’re the best qualify to know what to do with your money. However, I agree, it’s sometime difficult to figure out what’s going to be the next investment. In what are you going to invest when you have the feeling that you already have it all. My have it all meaning that you already invested in a bunch of great stuff that you truly believe in. Unfortunately, some stuff did good, and some had experienced some capital loss. So what can be done about it?
Here comes the point where blue chips are needed AND ONLY blue chips. This being to protect the capital from any other loss and also in a planning of a future capital gain. Also, because you’re not always a good stock picker (stuff can happen right), well, to facilitate the work, you go with some blue chips you never care too much before. Now have come the time to care and this is how I plan to “beat” Bill Gates. lol :) Yeahhh beat Bill Gates.

My next investment? I am really going with Enbridge (ENB) for a good 1k investment. $$$

The only problem being what’s going to be the one after that. See, I am facing some big time drama with blue chips because I don’t know them too well, and the little yield disturb me.

I take all that this way: I have the chance to have more money that I need to cover my needs so this is chance of recovery. Nothing is really easy, but still. It’s kind of a hard play. I play with stocks and now, my ultimate chance of getting up on my capital loss, to create health is simply by investing in blue chips. You think that’s easy? Well, it’s really not.

This can be resumed by one word only: DISCIPLINE.

So be ready readers. Be ready.


Ruth said...

Sunny, what about BCE, it is steady and they call it the widow's pension...i have it. it has a nice dividend.

Anonymous said...

1 comment Sunny: u can read all the financials & footnotes, run all the ratios, chart all the technicals, strive to understand the businesses of all your investments & their competitors, read all the recommendations, follow all the advice, BUT, if u the shareholder have been lied to, all your due diligence is irrelevant. Unfortunately,this did happen to me & it appears to continue to happen. Caveat emptor.

Liquid said...

Careful Sunny, if Bill reads this he might try to use your own strategy to beat YOU (ಥ‿ಥ)

SPBrunner said...

I own both CNR and ENB. Although CNR pays a rather low dividend, the growth in dividends are good with 5 and 10 year growth at 16.5% per year. Personally, my dividends started out at $.50 a share and are now $1.30 a share, a 160% growth. I bought CNR 6 years ago. On my original investment, I am making a 3.4% return.

I also bought ENB 6 years ago. Dividends on Enbridge are increasing at a lower rate, but the dividends are higher. The 5 year median dividend yield is 3.3% (compared to CNR’s 1.8% yield). My dividends have increased from $.52 a share to $.98 a share, a 90% increase. On my original investment, I am making a 5% yield.

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for the idea, very much appreciate. BCE could be eventually a good fit for my portfolio.

Hi Anonymous,

I know investing is difficult, I haven't been lie too, just that I wasn't exactly aware of the volatility when it come to silver and other dangerous stocks I hold.

Hi Liquid,

Like your sense of humor :)

Hi Susan,

Thank you so much for your informative comment. CNR and ENB are definitively the kind of stuff I need to recover from my capital loss. I was kind of right after all :)

Crystal said...

Sunny, what about a large oil company? Many are priced real low right now.

Ruth said...

Hmmmm matchmaker old are you Anonymous. what a combination you and Sunny would make, you both could live in your own homes.......perfect. wish i had done that myself. thanks for the laugh out louds...made my day....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous should keep his pecker in his pants. He's married.

Crystal said...

Wow, now married guys are chasing her! Congratulations Sunny, for being so hot!

Sunny said...

This is getting disgusting!

Ruth said...

what a great bunch ....humor , i love it. Sunny, heard on the business news that Enbridge , when it came into being in the 1950's has paid 13% every year to about that for a grinding company. the dividend is low but the capital gain i nice.


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