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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Globe and Mail Canadian newspaper: pusher of Brian Mulroney

The Globe and Mail is a good newspaper to get some news from, but when it comes to the ethic side, the Globe and Mail totally suck. I read the online free version of the Globe and Mail newspaper on a regular basis for information regarding the stock market. It’s a source that I need to consult. However, if the equivalent of the Globe and Mail would be existing, I would be consulting that other first.

My first disgust of the Globe and Mail came from Larry MacDonald. That happens certainly a couple of months ago. Larry MacDonald approached me to be from his Me and my Money chronicle. I was very happy of that of course. He sent me a couple of questions that I need to answer. I replied back with the answers. Following what, he asked for my real name and a picture. I of course totally disagree. I don’t need to see my pretty face AND my name of the Globe and Mail to know that I have it. I am not in need of gratification what so ever. I know who I am, I know where I came from and I know what I am doing. That should be enough to appear in the Globe and Mail, don’t you think so?

I refused to provide my real name to Larry MacDonald and I refused a picture. Do I provide my real name on my blog? Are you seeing a picture of myself here somewhere? Larry MacDonald wasn’t intelligent enough to figure this out by himself. After my reply, he said he could do it without the picture, but a real name needed to be provided, it was requested by the editor.

I think that request is a direct proof of non-sense and complete irresponsibility coming from the Globe and Mail. Blogging anonymously is a right and I wanted my right to remain. For the quantity of information I provided, going on publicly wouldn’t be the greatest move.

Retarded Globe and Mail. Basically, Larry MacDonald makes me lose my time. And I hate individuals like himself who think they have the right to control me, that think they are so important that they are in right to ask me for stuff. Like F. That was for the part regarding and the Globe and Mail and Larry MacDonald.

A Quebecker, liar, criminal, a shame for the Canadian country, that’s who’s Brian Mulroney. Brian Mulroney had been involved in the Airbus scandal, it seemed like the editor of the Globe and Mail had forgotten about it. While being Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney had earned 300 000$ illegally by promoting Airbus purchases among the Conservative government. Brian Mulroney is the perfect example of the corruptible Quebecker. Cheater, liar.

Us Canadians, we are currently being managed by a Conservative government and it shows in the poor quality of the Globe and Mail articles.

In an article of Tu Thanh Ha “This is no time to give up on the U.S., Mulroney says”, published on October 13, 2011 in the Globe and Mail, the author of the article mention Brian Mulroney as a credible source of information: “Canada has a privileged relationship with the United States that shouldn't be squandered, even at a time when U.S. world leadership is waning and new superpowers are emerging, Brian Mulroney says.”

Following the Airbus scandal, Brian Mulroney does not constitute in a credible source of information and I strongly believe that the Federal Conservative government is extending his power to every single medias to promote in every kind of ways the members of its party.

300 000$ take a lifetime to get in savings. But Brian Mulroney touches that kind of money illegally while being Canada Prime Minister. Is it being socially accepted these days for a politician to be a cheater and a criminal? Unfortunately, the Globe and Mail is responding yes to that question by referring to Brian Mulroney in its article.

Brian Mulroney is a complete idiot. He shouldn’t be recognize and certainly doesn’t deserve any sort of public recognition.

This is an example among other.

In Canada, criminals like Brian Mulroney shouldn't get any press coverage, shouldn't get any public recognition.

This is giving you a sense of what kind of newspaper is the Globe and Mail.


Anonymous said...

Why get investment advice from a newspaper? They don't have any actual financial experts. Most of them are journalists. They do have a few economists that make guest appearances.

Please read some real sites like seekingalpha, futuremoneytrends,canadiancouchpotato. read greg mankiw from harvard. and please stop investing and losing money. ha. you are breaking mey hears.

Ruth said...

HI Sunny, you are an amazing young woman as i love reading your blogs. Your interest and investing ideas are a plus...thank you so much for Pembina...i love it. it has held steady. i bought enbridge at $32.33 and it is up and strong and also BCE at $38.31 both steady as a rock. interesting about Roger's sugar...guess the way to look at that fund is long as it keeps the not like the look of just energy right now...good choice in your railroad too.
ps..why can't we see your pretty face?

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth!

Sweet, but I wouldn't like to be out there.


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