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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloweennnnnn! I visited a local haunted house and it was scary and hilarious at the same time. I was totally into it. Otherwise, the weekend so far is pretty much what it is and it’s better than what I had expected because I didn’t plan to have enough even with this next week paycheck to make a new investment... but seem it could work out.

Living in New Brunswick is definitively a big plus, even after increasing my rent, pension or whatever else you want to name it to my mom and dad to 400$ instead of 350$. I began to feel cheap knowing that money include absolutely everything regarding my living expenses so I push it to the 400$. I could even give 500$ without suffering. It wasn’t really in my life plan to live in with mommy and daddy at 31 years old of age, but what the heck it just happen this way. I never taught it will be possible for me to find a job in New Brunswick either actually. So when it happens, I just move in to my old bedroom. I don’t have any complaints to make what so ever. Living in with my old folks is coolllll ok? I don’t do grocery shopping, I don’t cook. Got the picture? Lol. I won’t comment more.

So this is it, because I live in with my old people and that I only pay 400$ for everything well, as you can imagine, this leave a lot of cash for my investment hobby. These days had been very good for me. In August 2011, everything happens at the same time. I arrived from my 2 weeks vacations and immediately after, the stock market crash, I find a job in New Brunswick and move on a very short notice from Montreal city of hell to the peaceful and so much better New Brunswick. But don’t ask where I am from in New Brunswick because I won’t ever tell you. 

Now, knowing that, I can let you know that I have around 500$ available this upcoming week to invest. Small but interesting amount to invest. At this time, it’s quite of a challenge to find something to invest in because I already invested in almost everything I ever wanted. ENB? Yeah, but I already have ENF in. Knowing ENB are more than 30$+ each, I could wait for December or so to place my new investment.

Actually, the challenge now is to reach the 200k in investment and to reduce my unofficial capital loss. So far not too much problem, but I think some readers taught that I was into going better than the TSX index when it’s really not the case. I think you have to read this blog keeping in mind that it’s being wrote by 31 years old who look like in her young twenties (all those precious little creams from l’Oreal and Garnier had done miracles) free like a bird, no stress involve. I am not married, I am single, I don’t cook my meals and I don’t have any children of my own. And I don’t have a boyfriend either. So keep everything in mind, and following what, you’ll get my idea about investing. I don’t care if the results are very good or bad, the only think is to get a portfolio that will involve a lot in capital loss and so far, I think I done ok, a mix of good investments that done well, some other bad, a good amount of dividend is coming in, a lot of debt too, but nothing ever disturb me, it’s all about the long term. 

I know, but sometimes, some good stuff can be read from a pink blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dividend Girl, I like your blog. Quite entertaining, yet still informative. Keep at it, and I hope the income stream continues to grow.


Ruth said...

HI so delight me in your honesty and follow your pleased that you pay board too..there are a lot of freeloaders out you not like to cook? ha ha...i dont either but have too. your life sounds very content and you do whatever you will anyways and you give me some laughs .........i love your blogs.


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