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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

The week passed by too quickly. I had been quite busy at work, so no matter how bad the market was doing, I just wasn’t there. My margin account situation is still stable, no margin called yet. I had give a call to TD Waterhouse to provide my work number as secondary number. I no longer have a cell phone. So in case of a margin call, the TD margin guy will call me directly at work. Lovely.

Here in New Brunswick, I cannot use Chatr Wireless. I had a prepaid service with Chatr Wireless, which is a Rogers Communication company. I like Chatr. I had a cheap unlimited plan. But knowing that winter is coming and I am going to be driving all winter long, it could be a good thing to have a cell phone. It’s something I am thinking of at this time.

My portfolio situation had remained stable despite having the TSX acting completely crazy. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at more than 100k, actually quite similar to my latest portfolio update in date of September 30. I had received a good pay cheque, but I wasn’t able to use any of the money for investment purposes. I had a 1 800$ credit card balance to pay, so each and single pennies went on the credit card. I am ready for a fresh start as my expenses are going to be much more stable now that all set with my moving and stuff.

My latest investment in Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) had performed very well and at this time, the only thing I want is just to invest more... at more than 85k in debt, the only think that keep going in my mind is to invest more, despite all the blabla I wrote about paying off debt.

My investment experience in 2008 following my first ever stock crash had been quite rewarding. And despite having more in debt that I could even believe, I still think that investing is the way to go. I keep blogging pretty much the same thing over and over again. This could be a major failure of my part to hold that much debt, but the temptation to invest and live again the same rewarding thing of the after 2008, well, that’s quite huge. I don’t want to pay my debt, I want to increase my portfolio, margin account value and dividend earnings all in one.

Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) had been a spectacular pick. I had invested in CNR when the stock price was a bit more than 65$... and CNR stock value is now at 72$ and some cents. And it’s not because I am a good stock picker. It’s only because I am an adventurous stock picker. The reason I like to invest in different companies and different sectors is that I have a true feeling that it’s how I am able to take the stock market at my advantage.

After reading, looking at the market ups and downs, after listening to Jean-François Tardif latest interview, well, I still think that the market offer good opportunities at this time. The only thing is that I cannot invest the same way I was investing before. I cannot remain exclusively dividend focus. Actually, it’s now better to just forget about the dividend and concentrate at picking good quality blue chips that will increase in value overtime to bring more stability in my portfolio in term of value. That could sound easy, but picking up the best for my portfolio is not easy.

I already own some very good quality stocks with stuff like TRP, CNR, FTS, X, PPL, ENF just to name those few. The only problem being that I need to bring other good stuff in. So what am I going to bring in to my already good portfolio? :0) Well, I taught about adding a few things:

Veresen Inc. (VSN), Bell Aliant Inc. (BA) and Enbridge (ENB). I talked several times as Enbridge (ENB) as new investment and I think it will be the perfect investment to add in at this time because of its so perfect chart.

I already own a lot of pipeline stocks at this time. But right now, I really need to add blue chips in and Enbridge (ENB) will be able to bring in what I need. It’s just unfortunate Enbridge doesn’t pay more in dividend. But hey, I am no longer dividend focus am I.

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Anonymous said...

You bought CNR at the right time at the bottom of a big dip. It was the lowest CNR traded since Dec 2010.

Hold the stock for years and you will be rewarded with stability and increased dividends.


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