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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TSX roller coaster ride

These days, seem like investors are going through the same things over and over again: stock crash after stock crash after stock crash. So yesterday, hearing about Jean-François Tardif, well, it was a nice way to sheer up the little retail investors like myself who are fully invested. Anyway, today was absolutely crazy. Time is flying by, and during that time, a lot of stuff is happening on the market.

Take today for example. Just like usual, I took a quick sneak at the stock market while being at work. Oh the terrible me! In the morning, I saw that massive lost. Nothing unusual. Really not. The day passed by, 4pm, hit back home, log in to my laptop, check out my portfolio. Nothing had been sell under the pressure of a margin call or a margin call with no call lol... I do care about my portfolio however but going under this crisis day after day after day. It’s really terrible and it’s 10 times harder that what I had gone through following the 2008 stock crash.

This time is harder because my portfolio is larger and that margin thing of mine is not helping in any way. To end this on a positive note, the TSX gain some points in the late afternoon and again, I taught, no one of TD is going to call me today. Not today.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Tardif is IN cash. David Lepoidevin, Portfolio Manager at National Bank (check the same BNN site a few days before) says GET OUT of cash. Mr. Tardif is sharing nothing, he's telling us what he had for lunch yesterday. Mr. Lepoidevin is telling us what he's going to have for breakfast tomorrow. All useless advice from these financial giants. Stay the course.

Sunny said...

I understand what you mean here, but it's always good to take in consideration different points of view, and especially point of view of people who are successful at what they do.

During crisis like this one, a question I keep writing about over and over again is this one: is the bottom had been reached yet?

No one can say that at this point because its so crazy out there.

Knowing that Mr. Tardif hold 70% of his portfolio in crash is extremely interesting.

I myself I am more of a buy-and-hold investor. I don't trade that much most of the time. I am interesting in holding for the long time, that being most of the time.

Mr. Tardif, from what I understood is not a buy-and-hold investor kind of type.

So knowing this make it even more interesting.

See, Mr. Tardif has money invested, but not all of his money is invested. He's 30% invested. This is so great he had answered to the interviewer question actually about his position.

In his 30%, Tardif said he hold dividend stocks, among other. He had made his move from a strategic investor to a kind of hold-and-buy investor.

Why do you think?

Well, for me, it's very clear. If Mr. Tardif is keeping 70% of his portfolio in cash, it's because he knows what's going on out there. He cannot be the strategic investor he once was anymore because the market is not stable enough.

So I think everyone should, if not do the same thing as him, at least be aware of the risk and invest safely.

Investing is good, but nothing else than cash has value, in the sens it won't ever degrade in value.

Is that all clear?


It's just that appreciate Mr. Tardif point of view. It bring something very powerful in and his opinion is valuable.

It's your choice to listen to what he has to say or not.

Being market ready at anything is great, but when the market plays the yo-yo, it doesn't sense anymore to be ready.

pattirose said...

I find it very very scary that Tardif is 70% cash, that scared me more than anything else I've heard in all these months of turmoil.

Sunny said...

Hi Pattirose,

The fact that Tardif has 70% of his portfolio in cold cash, well, it something we need to take in consideration here.

It mean we need to invest wisely. Nothing to be very scare about knowing what type of investor he is. He never been a buy-and-hold investor type. From the sense I got from him, he's more like a strategic investor, buy low sell high and bye bye.

The market is so unstable that he prefer to be out rather than fully in.

For me, that's all it mean really.

It's still a good time to invest, it's just blue chips should be pick and nothing else.

Blue chips can be boring to hold because their dividend yield is so low... I never taught about investing in CNR before but I did and its my latest investment. Why did I pick CNR? Because it's a quality blue chips.

All this to mean that there's nothing to be scare about, but blue chips, only high quality stocks need to be pick at this time.

That's what I think.


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