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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

American Express credit card is a girl best friend: super promotional interest rate of 0.99% for one full year

I went to a shopping trip to Quebec City. I needed a pair of boots but I didn’t get them because everything was full price and it didn’t worth it from my perspective. But today, we got our first snow in New Brunswick and I regret not buying a pair of boots, even full price.

Anyway, great news is that American Express is going to help me to get a decent pair of boots. For all purchases made between November 30, 2011 and November 29, 2012 on my American Express credit card, I will get the special interest rate of 0.99% until December 9, 2012. This involved making the minimum payment every month on the American Express. But for the balance left, the rate will of a very fantastic 0.99%.

Don’t you find that 0.99% is pretty much close to the 0%?

I do.

I am just going to get the strict stuff I need and that’s all but still, I very happy to be able to benefit of an opportunity to shop and look dividendly lovely. Just like that. I rock this place.


Liquid Independence said...

That's a great credit card deal. Much better than my 2.9% for 6 months offer I got from Visa.

Sunny said...

This is a very good deal! I am going to have my pair of boots after all!

Ruth said...

you deserve to treat yourself Sunny NOW..when your young and not deny yourself pleasures of the young. buy some gorgeous leather gloves while your at it. right now,,,,,,,...i am so disgusted with the markets and think that Wall Street is in on this one!

Anonymous said...

Ruth. I think you're a man.

Sunny said...


This is funny.

However, I can assure you that Ruth is a woman.

Ruth said...

Anonymous...if i could come back in life, i would insist on being a man but you are thought Sunny was a man too. why? i get more laughs out of Sunny's blogs than the funnies. Sunny. love your blog today and because of you , i have this great financial hobby..never going to get rich but it is fun. thank you
Anonymous..are you Ryan, there are two anonymous.

Ruth Anne Kruuv said...

and a lovely one at that your blog today and am pleased that you love us all..yu never get bitchy over some of the comments left for you and i admire that. you will make for a good mate someday.

Ruth said...

Hi Sunny...leather boot, gloves and all you need now is a whip.


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