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Sunday, November 13, 2011

My one day trip to Quebec City

Yesterday, I was in Quebec City! It was a one day trip that went off really too quickly. We went at the Place Laurier and went to the other mall there’s there, Place Ste-Foy and Place de la Cité. Fun, but shopping was difficult. There were so many things to see and doing it all in a couple of hours only was too much asking. It has been a little while since I went to Quebec City so I barely remember how the malls were. In my memory, there was 2 malls one behind the other, not 3. The third one actually look pretty new, so it could be a new mall. It has a huge Gap store and also an Apple store. The pictures I took from my iPod are not that great, but I am posting anyway.

Also, while being in Quebec City, I notice in a store that Mariloup Wolfe, a Quebec actress was going to be at a specific store in the afternoon. Too bad, but I could not relocated the store when it was time. lol!

I didn’t need anything expect a good pair of boots. The boots I spot were about 350$ after taxes. So I went to the girl and said if you make a rebate of 50$, I will buy those boots right away. Unfortunately, my offer had been refused. But I gave it a try! The girl didn’t give me a funny look, but I guess it’s not everyday that she received that kind of offer.. YEAH. But that’s not the most hilarious thing.

Fact is, I find 350$ too expensive. I could have bought a pair of boots whatever price they were. But 350$ was kind of too much. I have a special foots condition and I cannot wear any kind of shoes. The shoes need to be as comfortable as running shoes. For my work shoes, I got in Montreal way back Naturalizer dressing shoes. I pay 70$ for them and I can wear them every day without hurting my foot.

I wanted a pair of boots from the same brand, but unfortunately, there wasn’t a Naturalizer store like in Montreal. There was some Naturalizer at La Baie but they were not what I was looking for. I try different pair of boots but they were not soft in the inside and I knew they were going to hurt my foot. So I didn’t purchase any boots.

I went shopping like I wanted to buy but I didn’t find any bargain. I was lucky in August because there was a lot of sales. It was the perfect time to shop in Montreal but at this time of the year, it doesn’t really worth it to shop and buy.

However, me and my mom stop by the Body shop store where I bought some stuff for my hair. My mom bought herself a pair of boots. I bough myself some cute earrings, but just one pair:

That's a part of the Dividend Girl pretty face you are seeing in here... I know, you probably just curious to see more right? But that won't happen!

I also got some chocolates, 1.35$ a piece:

The day went fine. They received snow in Quebec City yesterday.

Shopping trips are great, but doing it in one single day is a challenge. Also, the timing was not that appreciate, personally speaking, as I never pay full price for clothes. But it worth to go there for the 26 of December and if possible stay a couple of days to go to the île d’Orléans and also visit the Old Quebec. One day is definitively not enough and you leave while wanted more. Actually, that what happens to me. However, my 2 ways ticket was cheap, less than 50$. I don’t take trips really often.

Oh, and this is the hilarious part. Before leaving, me and my mom went to the Cage aux sports for a beer and my mom asked to be serve right away because we had a bus to take lol... You should have seen the girl... Priority service for those people coming from New Brunswick please!

The place wasn’t full, but there was a football game going on and the waitresses and waiters were busy. We wait, but then I notice the bar so I went directly. We drank our beer quickly and on the way out took the wrong direction, went out, and went the bus stop.......

We got St-Hubert for supper. We don’t have any St-Hubert restaurant here in NB, at least not in my town. We don't have any Body Shop stores either. So this was a little trip that was fun to take.


Anonymous said...

St-Hubert - both Moncton and Bathurst

Ruth said...

HI those earrings and boy! you sure are keeping us in suspense , did your mom take that shot? love to shop in Quebec city, must be some pretty high fashions and good for you to do some fun things..nice to spend time with your mom...she is a lucky lady.


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