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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And now, a referendum

Taught that the stock crash of August 2011 was hard? I personally go through a complete nightmare and I was just coming back from a 2 weeks vacation when it happens. I taught everything was pretty much fixed for the Euro. Well, it seems I was completely wrong. Greece wants a referendum regarding its financial situation, which is very stupid, I find. While having the chance to get an in-extremis emergency fund, Greece should be grateful. But instead, they decided to show up some leadership and play it smart with their referendum idea. I just don’t get it. 

This could make things extremely difficult on the stock market. It’s like living a nightmare. I had been doing well so far, but I don’t have enough in cash to be able to survive to an in deep recession. At this time, the plan I have to invest in blue chips is getting stronger than ever because if we get another dip of the August 2011 crash, well, nothing else but blue chips will help me to survive. I need to minimize the capital loss. I am not that stress however because I had been able to keep my margin situation in good shape so far. I had a bit more than 1 000$ to invest.

Following last Susan Brunner comment, well, I decided I could maybe invest more in CNR instead of investing in ENB but I have one day to actually think and decided. Reason why is because I am already very much exposed to the pipeline world in my portfolio with stuff like TRP, ENF, PPL... So thanks to her, I may increase my position in CNR.


Crystal said...

I don't know why a dividend girl is so concerned about stock price. Gains and losses cannot be calculated this early, investing is long-term. You want stock prices to go down so you can buy more shares at a lower price and get a higher dividend yield. When you retire, that's when you want the market to be at an all-time high. I am happier now that I am receiving more shares through my DRIPs. For example, I just received two shares of BNS, whereas three months ago I received only one share. That will create an additional $1.16 per year in dividends. I try to focus more on good safe dividend income than on growth.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, no one knows what will happen in the near future. Recession, slow-growth, or short-term rally? Who knows.

I do want to ask you, why do you hold so many silver trusts?

Sunny said...

Hi Crystal,

I invest for dividend and the long term, but it's still a concern when I face capital loss. I want a stability in the value of my portfolio. I am concern about everything, actually.

I hold a lot in silver because I begin to trade it when timing was perfect. I was buying-selling silver on a regular basis, making small but interesting profit, until the silver crash. Following what, what I had stay where it was and now, I am holding my silver units and I hope it will double in value by the end of 2012 of something like it. :)


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