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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Precious readers, you’re awesome

Readers to a blog are what fans are to a singer: $$$.

In my case, the big $$$ is not coming from anything I sold. I don’t sell myself on the Web, I am not exactly a Raymi The Minx in the making of. I don’t have tattoos and I am not popular either. However, the best about being me is that I HAVE U. I would give almost everything to have her slim shape and her sexy kitten eyes. And her Teacher? I will skip that part if you don’t mind. LOL.

I would give a lot to be Raymi but I wouldn’t give a cent of my very awesome portfolio because a part of my portfolio is coming from people just like yourself. So it’s kind of nice to be me be. Even if I don’t have any tattoos. Because of my blog, I get a lot of hate messages, but I am also getting some pretty good investment advices. Why would some complete stranger care that much to provide me with some very awesome advices and investment ideas? Why, I don’t know, but I certainly appreciate getting investment ideas. I almost never failed following the sense of oh-yeas-I-want-that-in-my-portfolio! Yeahhhhhh! And here it does again, another X investment in my portfolio.

I invested in WesternOne Equity Income Fund (WEQ.UN) after a long time reader recommends it to me. I bought my units at 5.40$. Made the calculation for yourself. I win big on this + dividend income on top of that makes a lot of cash for a girl.

I invested in Westshore Terminals Invest Corp (WTE.UN) after receiving an email from a BC reader saying that the owner of WTE.UN was one of the richest men of Canada. Great! I of course wanted to invest in a company hold by a very rich man. OH yes! So I invested in WTE.UN because it made sense to me to invest in a company own by a rich man. I did very well on WTE.UN. EXTREMELY MARVELOUSLY WELL. And if I am lucky enough, the Maple Group deal will go through and I will make a big profit on the sell of my TMX Group (X) stocks. I really need to decrease my margin usage and I want that to happen naturally, without any temptation to sell anything coming from my part.

I consider myself to be still on top of my margin situation anyway. I hope that readers get that margin investment is not healthy and it’s not the correct way to build an investment portfolio. I did not use margin because I taught I was better than anyone else, I use margin because there was more than 50k available in fresh cash that I was able to satisfy my investment pulsions. I had been lucky, but I am also currently experiencing a 10k in capital loss. The game will be over the day TD Waterhouse decided to clear my portfolio to clear my margin debt. But that’s not going to happen.

Want to know why? Well, that’s all because one of the most sophisticated woman investor of the Canadian nation, Susan Brunner, happen to comment on my blog saying that I should get a loan, a credit line or something that equal the money own on the margin. That way, in case of a margin call, I could simply pick on the credit line or whatever. It was a real good advice. While facing the August 2011 stock crash, I was facing a disaster and I needed to do something to cover my back. In date of today, I did not apply to extend my credit line limit, but it something I need to take care of. it never really hit me that I could face a terrible situation out of my control. You mean that could have to sell my stocks purchase on margin? You mean me?

Even me, I am not better than anyone else. In front of a stock crash, I crash too. I don’t have the capacity to go over it, if you see what I mean. 

But nothing of that ever scared me to the point of selling my stocks and I continue to invest every month.

And what if I would be doing a huge mistake right there? What if the worldwide economy would have to collapse?

It something I had thinks of, especially since the time I knew that Jean-François Tardif is only 30% invested. Jean-François Tardif is a completed turn on and I take everything he says very seriously. It was a shock for me to learn that he was only 30% invested. Of all what he own, he’s 30% invested. I think only the poor people like myself can have the gut to be stupid enough to be 100% invested. Well, not exactly stupid, but I mean, investing in stocks come at a high risk and trust me, I have paid the price for being adventurous on the stock market. 

But while being 100% invested, I decided to remain 100% invested. It’s too late for me, but if I would be starting all over again, I wouldn’t go on a margin situation, I would had kept some cash in my banking account. Because fact is, the most valuable thing is fresh cold cash.

Just to come back to my margin situation: but what if there will be no margin call? What if my stocks get sell without my authorization to cover my deficit while the market collapses while I am at work?

With TD Waterhouse, nothing is clear like water. They are pretty much a bit like BMO Bank of Montreal in the way they do their customer service but that’s because too much of their business is being manage in Quebec province.

I don’t want to be a victim of Quebec mediocrity.

TD Waterhouse once wrote me an email in response to my blog. It was the most hilarious thing I ever went through in my life. Of course, I find the attention gentle and kind. They acknowledge of the problem, they did not try to hide anything. I also must said that everything that had been done as mistake had been mix very very quickly. I don’t think they really wanted to hear me scream at them anyway. I didn’t have to scream, but I always hate TD Waterhouse from that date. An undeep feeling of I HATE U SO MUCH! Giving me a compensation of 50$ for the shit they give me was simply not enough. I really have that deep anger and it never really go away. 50$ wasn’t good enough. Money cannot buy my respect and peace of mind.

But this doesn’t have anything to do with readers right. Kind of not.

This is where the hot stuff is getting out.

Read this:

Exchange Income Corporation (EIF)

I had invested in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) following a reader suggestion and it was just one of those moves that, today, make me think that I may not be totally perfect ok, but I certainly have that money drive and in face of the marvellous, I did not hesitate. So I jump in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) and since that time, I had been extremely please with. EIF had jump to the 22$+ today because of that great new 3 years contract with AT&T. Ok, like that, I sound smart, but it’s because of a reader too lol.

Remember when I sold my YLO stocks? I made a 300$ capital loss by selling YLO. But I sell it when it was about time. I reinvested all of the money left in EIF.

And that was the best decision of my life.

I can be stupid, but I can also be extremely smart.

I am amazing.

And so are you.


Anonymous said...

Did that reader suggestion for EIF happen to be Susan???

SPBrunner said...

I must say that I have been 100% invested in stocks for quite a few years. I have never pulled out of the market and had a large portion of my portfolio in cash. I have ridden out a number of crashes and I have always come out just fine.

The damage to my portfolio in the middle of a crash has sometimes been harsh, but I tend to look at my income from dividends rather than the value of portfolio.

Dividend increases do come down after a crash as some company’s drop their dividends, cut their dividends or do not increase them. However, in every crash there are always some companies that do just fine and continue to raise their dividends. I never had my total dividends decrease.

Sunny said...


No, it wasn't Susan. She never directly makes stock suggestion pick. She review stocks on her blog.

Hi Susan!

Too kind of you to come around here! The market is driving me crazy! It's so hard. Thanks for sharing with me :)

Some investments I have are doing well, some not, but the dividend income is quite good.

My dividend income could only increase. ENF recently announced a dividend increase.

Raymi Lauren said...

what do i have to do with your portfolio? lol thanks for the compliments :)

Ruth Anne Kruuv said...

think all dividends are great as long as the capital is in intact or you are just paying yourself..i get great dividends from just energy but i would need 3 years to get back my capital!

Sunny said...

I wasn't expecting the "Raymi" here! WOW :)

You are so lovely.

Your not directly connected to my portfolio of course, but indirectly yes. In the sense that I admire your courage to do that what you are doing. You blog, your book, your shows etc.. And reading your blog is entertaining and you have good vibes. I add a link so my readers can always get entertain as much as myself while reading you.

So the indirectly part come from that, to have conviction and do what you want in life, that include doing what wanted with money and keep going.

That's the link between you and me, sweet girl.


Raymi Lauren said...

I am blushing. You are too flattering. I'm linking your post, thanks DG xoxo

Raymi Lauren said...

ps i have no idea why anyone would want to give you hate mail, i dont see what's to hate at all.

Sunny said...

Thanks Raymi :)


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