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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What happen when the Canadian stock market decided to flush me... I flush too

Today, we had our first snow in New Brunswick. On the same day, the TSX lost more than 200 points to establish itself to a very poor 11 571.71 points. I know, that’s hurt.

Major part of me turn around stocks, the stock market, my personal finance. So when the TSX down it’s all me that is down too. However, I can easily detach myself from what happen on the stock market despite being 100% invested. Despite being 100% there. My biggest mistake could turn out to be to have no cash, no savings in term of real cold cash left at the bank. I manage my budget dollar after dollar. Maybe in another life I had been a very brilliant accountant. Maybe.

Biggest part of my savings no longer belong to me. Over the year, I invested thousands and thousands of dollars on the Canadian stock exchange. I never doubt of what I was doing. I never doubt of myself. I never doubt of my investments. Never. Each time a stock of mine drop in value, it’s a surprise. And trust me, that happen more than once.

I am never scared of losing my money. That’s in reason of my relationship to money. Money is not a problem to me. That’s probably why I don’t mind holding more close to 90k in debt. Money paid my bill, but it happen that all of my life, I always had more than needed and at a point, I find all of that investment hobby very interesting. And what if I could eventually make a living from my dividend like Derek Foster?

It’s a real good thing that he’s married because it’s the only reason why I leave him alone.


See, that idea quite of obsess me since 2007. In my 5 years of obsession, I trade and trade, buy stocks, sell stocks, got in all the directions. Since 2007, my passion never stops growing and it’s not now, because of a stupid economic situation that I am going to stop now.

The stock market? I control it (or almost). It’s in my mind. It’s in my Dividend Girl spirit.

I know I know I know! :0)

If you ever think that I am going to stop now, you are wrong.

Wow, I don’t quite get what’s happening like right now. It must be what I had eaten for supper. It’s name magic mushrooms.


In case you want to know, my always fabulous non-registered portfolio closed today at 107 947.50$ and I am going to stop here because I have an idea for another post.

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Ruth said...

these are the rough patches we have to decide which is the best stocks that hold up well over this damn mess of wall street and Europe. i watched a show last night and the finance fellow was saying "do not hold on to broken stocks...Sunny, ,,what is wrong with Pengrowth and just energy..going into the states was not the best idea as some of the people left their houses and contracts. this is one tough market.


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