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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

As a good politican, Stephen Harper broke his promises

Lately, my portfolio had performed well. My non-registered portfolio close today session at a very good 110 505.18$. CNR is moving forward into the 80$. I got very lucky to get some stocks at 65$. Just for stuff like that, I strongly believe I can recover from my capital loss within a matter of 6 months or even less but to do so, I need a good market condition. However, while talking about capital loss in my non-registered portfolio, it’s pretty much virtual, because the money is in the stock market.

Stephen Harper had failed. Tories won’t be able to repair their irreparable damages to the Canadian economy. I had lived in Ottawa and I can tell for sure that the staff working for the government is overpaid and they get too much advantage on our tax money. But that’s not all. Staffing agencies are the worst. In Ottawa area, the federal government give each year millions and millions of dollars to staff their minister. Staffing agencies are getting a good percentage of the money, not the actual workers.

I disliked the time I lived in Ottawa as much as I did for Montreal. There’s way too much Quebeckers is the federal capital area. The result? Corruption, corruption, corruption. Staffing agencies are making millions but the fed is ok about it. The system is pretty much corrupt there. But the staffing agencies are not alone. The translation agencies are making big money on our tax money. In term of translation, ministers, federal organizations give too much money to get their shit translate. Masha Krupp Translation Group is among the kind of agencies who made themselves millionaires on such thing. It’s a real shame. Francophone needs to learn English – I don’t need a sophisticated level of English – it can be as raw as myself. I don’t care. What we should look forward to is economy, common sense and energy. The scheme doesn’t have to be perfect just cut cut cut, laid off half of the government staff, create a real economy base on the power of the middle class, create business, richness, but please, the government need to stop the waste of time and money. It’s not Wall Street or Bay Street the problem, we are in the place and space we are in because of governments like the one of Stephen Harper who had failed in their duty. And do you think they care? Hell no, they get paid anyway.

Ii don’t think Stephen Harper government has what it take to push Canada over the edge. I saw all kind of financial abuses while living in Ottawa a couple of years ago. Trust me, it was ugly. Most of the government workers I had worked for were extremely fresh. They are well-off, and get paid a fortune not to work, but just to be there. Most of government jobs are not of a big deal and not a living necessity. Stephen Harper is a lot like Brian Mulroney: a liar. Fact is, Stephen Harper broke his promises. He won’t be able to deliver Canada from debt for 2015. But guess what, Stephen Harper is getting paid anyway.

At a point, middle class worker like myself can do better than any Brian Mulroney or Stephen Harper there is out there. Why? Simply because we care and they don't. They key words will be: PRIORITY and more CARING.

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