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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome in my non-registered Enbridge Inc. (ENB)!

Today, the TSX crash again. Personally, whenever the TSX lost more than 200 points in a day, well, I can that kind of events more of the like of a stock crash rather than just the market volatility. Today stock crash was the first thing.

Secondly, I finally invested in Enbridge (ENB). I invested a bit less than 1 000$ at 35.34$ per stock. ENB closed the day at 35.93$, which is quite good. I really like it when the stock I invest in suddenly decided to grow just because I am now in.

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at 109 704.45$. I am below the 110k mark, but whatever.

Third thing, I had received today Derek Foster new book The Worried Boomer: No Pension? Not wealthy? Here’s your plan! I almost complete the reading in one shoot because I really wanted to know what this new book was about. Now I know. I will certainly give it a second more in deep reading. I learn a great deal and PLEASE, check it out at page 103, you’ll learn something very awesome for your RRSP. Just for that new founding, it really worth it for me to buy The Worried Boomer.

Fourth thing, tomorrow is FRIDAY.

Fifth thing, have all a good weekend and don’t feel too bad about the stock market crash of today.



Liquid Independence said...

That's great DG, welcome to becomming an Enbridge shareholder. Now just sit back and wait for it to grow. I hope you talk more about Derek Foster's new book. What did he write on page 103?

2 said...

If someone has understood something from this post, please translate it to me in plain English. Thank you :) lol

Sunny said...

Hi Liquid,

I will be working on a review of DF latest book.

Foubrak, if you have problem to read, just use the Google Translation Tool. It might help you :)

Ruth said...

interesting blogs and i do so enjoy each and every one of them...sunny..what do you think about just energy and pengrowth now? i have a feeling we are looking at dividend cuts and of course the stocks will go down more. I paid $14.79 for just energy and in the $13 for pengrowth. might just take the losses and go for something solid..any ideas?

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

I am not under the impression that PGF and JE will cut their dividend anytime soon.

For JE, they had confirm that their 1.24$ dividend will remain. Check it out:

As for PGF, they cut what need to be cut following the 2008 stock crash.

I had experienced capital loss on JE but its not time to sell and go away, especially knowing that JE had invested in the US with different companies and having read about Rebecca MacDonald, well, i don't think she's the type of letting her business go. I mean, PGF and JE are full of potential.

Do not make the mistake to sell now because it could be difficult to recover.

Of course, I could be wrong on this, but myself, I will continue to hold to PGF and JE. I am not going to sell those 2 anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

You own 4-5 of these stocks, I know off hand. Gotta love those dividends.

I own a couple of these so far.


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