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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Capital Power Income L.P. (CPA.UN) is forever gone

These past couple days had been quite busy here in New Brunswick! First of all, I find out that my boss cannot handle on his own single salary the mortgage payment for his house. He can treat me like shit as long as he wants, talk in my back, but I know for sure that with my superior portfolio, I am on track to hit gold baby. Forget about driving the car of the year or getting the big house that will just eat more than half of your paycheck every single month of the best years of your life. In today reality, it’s really important to be completely out of track, be very off and be off of the popular gigs. I build up myself gracefully by being always at the complete opposite where no one expected me to be, maybe just as graceful as getting my punch in a or in your face, maybe, depending if you like me or not.

Days passed by, stock crashes after stock crashes... Unfortunately, my non-registered portfolio is now below the mark of the 110k. I was getting excited when it exceed the 110k. This is simply the result of the current economy we are in right now. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at 108 573.83$. It’s really rough to invest in today’s market condition. There’s absolutely no stability what so ever. Retail investors need to get a good beat of the Canadian stock market and really see how things are crazy out there. While facing the disaster, no one can really tell which way is better to follow. It’s at the discretion of the investor to choose to sell, or to buy, to cash in some capital gain or capital loss. I am certainly not in position to provide any advices, but what I know for sure, it’s not anytime soon I will stop investing. I wrote about that multiple times before. But let’s do it again ok.

I had received recently great dividend from CFX (41.60$) and HGY.UN (16.58$). So for the dividend part, my portfolio is very great, but it could be even better in a close future. The only problem I am getting at this time a time management problem. I need to fix a more regular routine so I can do everything I want to do. I had been here in NB since September now, but I cannot say I am 100% in the damn investment thing. Because see, it’s great to pick my stocks depending of what guys like Derek Foster, Eric Sprott, Gordon Pape and please let’s not forget about Jean-François Tardif and other people have to say about the stock market, not to forget the girls, Susan Brunner as well and readers, of course. The process has to come from my own self. And this is the challenge I am facing at this time, to be more efficient on the way I pick my stocks.

Because of a poor time management, I don’t do as much as I would like and in result, I have what I have as portfolio. However, I really like my portfolio and I simply don’t get over it how much it is good. It’s a mix of blue chips low dividend payer with a mix of high dividend payer and also some small cap, silver, gold.

I haven’t have time to say that the company that had been around here for quite some time in my non-registered portfolio, that you used to know as Capital Power Income L.P. (CPA.UN) does no longer exist. CPA.UN got eaten up by another company that is from my very wonderful portfolio Atlantic Power Corp (ATP). This means that I now own more stocks of ATP, which is great. ATP had been a great little small cap to hold, paying a good monthly dividend, I don’t have anything to complain about. However, a small cap remain what it is, a small cap. ATP has a bit of volatility in the value. However, it worth the investment.

Small caps are sensible to the market volatility. Most of the small caps directly interact with the investor behaviours. That’s why it’s really important to invest in blue chips only at this time and that’s what I am trying to do. Investing in those difficult times is a personal choice, but you may want to greatly consider Jean-François Tardif decision of being only 30 % invested. That’s really something that caught my attention. And the only reason why I continue to invest whenever I can well it’s in the hope of being able to recover from my capital loss. I proceed this way following every and single stock crashes I had gone through since 2008. Will this strategy eventually paid off? I cannot tell from my own experience because I haven’t been investing in stocks long enough, but I truly believe in my chances. If it wouldn’t be of my personal situation, after knowing that Tardif is only 30 % invested, I will do the same.

The stock market is a complete disaster. No one can say if it’s going to get better or worst. It’s too in deep in the financial system. So I could do differently, I would be investing 30% of what I have available in cash and not a penny more. While recession facing, only cash will allow to buy gas for the car and food for the table. That’s a reality that we live in and following what, I had decided to do an enormous garden this summer and I will improvise myself not a stock market, but a little farm market but of course, I don’t have a clue of how this is going to take form. The dividend Girl is going to be a farmer this summer!

The stock market is cool, but better to play it safe and plan something out of it. That’s really what I think at this time.

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Ruth said...

love the idea of a garden sunny and so will your mom.
as for investing...i really like to keep the capital on my investments as if it falls..the dividends are being paid by me is not sensible there as just energy is the biggest is stuck there and will not gain as enbridge, BCE and the solid ones that do. am looking at Inter pipeline and bmo global infrastructure index etf..a solid fund . bell aliant is stuck too for many losses , no gains. pembina...the best of them all...steady, makes money too.


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