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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Worried Boomer: No Pension? Not Wealthy? Here’s YOUR Plan! (Yeah!!)

Ok, this is truly fascinating. It won't be of the usual long post but still..

Shortly after updating my debt situation, Derek Foster just had came with a new book: The Worried Boomer: No Pension? Not Wealthy? Here’s YOUR Plan!

I own more than 80k in debt. Do you think that's wealthy? Certainly not, but having a 6 figures portfolio make me happy.

So I wonder what Foster has in his book about the ones who are not financial healthy like myself. That's the book I needed like RIGHT NOW :)

Fascinating isn't? It's coming shortly after I complaint to Derek Foster about him who doesn't like lottery and gaming. That was his second last newsletter. And with all his powerful intelligence, he has replied to me.

Yeah I know, sometime I don't make that much sense but I cannot wait to read about the not wealthy in the newest Derek Foster book!


Simple Rich Living said...

You amaze me on how high risk tolerate you are! For me it's a peace of mind, if I have as much debt as you do, I will constantly think about how much interest I am paying other people. By the way, you have been my inspiration to open a Questrade account. I have done much with it yet but I have to soon, one step at a time.

Crystal said...

Does DF read your blog?

Sunny said...

Hi Simple Rich,

I am surprise too

I always in stuff that I am highly interested in, so investing become more like a need and following what, volatility is not that of a preoccupation because I really believe in the companies and other that I invest in. I always been confident in the market, it always went well. At this time, I am facing capital loss, but i think I will be able to progress and move on. 3 months of a good stock market could be enough to help me, and 6 it will be even better.

Part of this come because i always had a good experience with investment.

However, I don't recommend to follow what I do. I blog about my personal finance like it was of what I had watched last night on TV... I had borrowed a lot of money to invest but I did so at a time where I had invested a lot of my own money in the market. My situation is not the best. Investing come with a lot of risk. I am taking my investment decisions seriously, but at a point, the risk is always something that is not in mind. But the risk is calculated. That's why I had invested essentially in blue chips those days.

I would just like to say that you need to be careful with your money and my margin and debt situation is not the best.

It's nice for me to be an inspiration, but I wouldn't like you to enroll in as much debt as I have.

See what I mean? :)

Hi Crystal,

I wrote to DF about 3 times since its all started, so very few times and knowing he's married, I am leaving him alone. I am a classy dividend girl. Not a slut or slup or whatever how that's spell LOL

This being said, I think he might had visited once but that's more than enough because truly, I would feel somewhat embarrass.

I want to be read by bachelors only.


Ruth said...

Sunny, as long as you live at home, your pretty well safe with your investment policies. i would say though that i agree with simple living in paying some of those debts that you have interest on ...get those paid and be interest free.....paying interest is like throwing money away......unless it is for a house or education.

Anonymous said...

She borrowed to invest from what I have read. That means that she can claim a tax deduction or tax credit on the interest of the borrowed money when the investments are used to provide income in the form of interest or dividends.

This is good debt as her investments pay for the payments on her debt plus some extra money.

This approach would not work today as the stock market is up which means yields are down. With stock market this high DO NOT BORROW money to invest at this point in time.


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