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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI), 300 stocks of RSI in my online future trading brokerage

Rogers Sugars Inc. (RSI) is another latest investment. Rogers Sugars Inc. (RSI) is a Montreal base company that currently trade under 6$ per stock, which made RSI very affordable to all. It's a good deal and you could see the value of Rogers Sugars Inc. (RSI) rise in the next couple of weeks. Why? The reasons are good, according to search I conduct online. This is all pure speculation as always, but chances are that Rogers Sugars Inc. (RSI) will increase in value.

Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) manufactures and distributes sugar. On February 4, 2011, a big cyclone, name Cyclone Yasi completely destroy Queensland sugarcane industry. Queensland is located in Australia. Queensland is the world third largest exporter of sugar. Following the sad event of Queensland, the price of sugar climb on a 30-year high on supply concerns. To learn more about this event, you can click here.

The need for sugar will increase because its third largest distributor is not able to operate. As a company, Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) has an annual nominal production capacity of approximately 1,000,000 metric tons.

Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) pay a quarterly dividends of $0.085 per share. The dividend yield of Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) is of 6.039%. The dividend yield is good. And on top of that, we have good chances to earn great value gains when it come to Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI).

Just recently, Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) announced a dividend of $0.0850 per share of record on March 31, 2011, payable on or before April 20, 2011. Great! I qualify for the April distribution!


Arunan said...

Last three picks are so great. This is call real diversification. Consider STB (Student Transportation Inc). Please note that do your homework before buy.

Anonymous said...

Dear DG: Thank you for posting my comment/entry re my auto accident. No, I did not get any feedback from any of your viewers, but that's OK. I am happy that you took the time to consider my entry. Now about your stocks..I am pleased to see your progress, especially with selling off some of your mutual funds, which is what I had suggested some time ago. Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear DG: Your reader Arunan has posted interesting info re STB on the TSX. I will check it out further. Also your Mountain Lion man sounds extremely interesting...his stock advice sounds great. We could use more of his insights, if he is willing to share. Thanks again, Dear DG.

Ruth said...

HI Sunny , you are a remarkable woman and i have followed you and have made money on all the stocks that i have taken from you...the only two that i am losing is my picks. i am going out today to buy Enbridge, Rogers and two more of very favourite..thank you little girl.

Ruth xo

Ruth Anne Kruuv said...

ps...i really want to thank you for all the research you do on the stocks...hey, just for me, it makes it much easier to decide.


Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for following and reading! I appreciate your compliment. Good thing if my blog can help you with your investment choices.

Ruth said...

Sunny, what is the date due for the Rogers Sugar dividend...looks like it is on it's way up.

bought 100 shares of enbridge today.

still looking and i think the stock market is on the up as long as Europe stays out of the papers.

Sunny said...

RSI dividend should be paid on January 20.

Good that you invest in Enbridge. I had invested in ENB a little while ago.

I am now trying to stay away from small caps like RSI and focusing more on blue chips.

I need more stuff like ENB in my portfolio at this point.


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