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Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome Student Transportation (STB), 200 stocks of STB in my portfolio

Recently, I invested in 200 stocks of Student Transportation (STB) following the advice of a reader. Ok, I stop you right here. It is not like its seemed. I am not going to invest in something just because I am being told by someone who supposedly read my blog that this or that investment is good. I invest in what I find interesting, whatever I believe can be a nice fit to my portfolio. And in this case, Student Transportation (STB) is a nice fit for my portfolio.

I did not regret my move. Since the time I initially invested in Student Transportation (STB) , I made an interesting gain of 88$. And Student Transportation (STB) is an interesting company if, like me, your looking for something really safe to invest in. Funny thing to say knowing that there's never safe investment when it come to stock, but I am now in my fourth year of stock investment, I am able to say that despite a stock market crash like the one live in 2008, a good diversification of asset is the key to keep it safe. It's the reason why that now more than ever, I am still investing in stocks. There's good money to be made on the stock market.

Ever dream to own a school bus? lol... Well, here's your chance to own part of a school bus...

Because yes, as it's name suggest it, Student Transportation (STB) is provider of school bus transportation services. Student Transportation (STB) was formely name Student Transportation of America Ltd.

Lou Schizas and Darcy Keith, both from the Globe and Mail had gave a positive review of Student Transportation (STB).

As for my part, I was amaze by the company. Ok, at first, a company doing business in the field of school bus can be seem as boring. But it's trully not. Because belive it or not, school bus is a business activity like any other one. Student Transportation Inc. (STI) is affordable (less than 7$ per stock at this time) and provide an excellent dividend yield to its investor.

I even received an email from a representative of Student Transportation Inc. (STI), which I find very kind of them.

If I am writing all this, it,s not only because I am very please about the email thing, it's because just like me, I want you to be able to enjoy the benefit of investing in a company like Student Transportation Inc. (STI). Reliable company, stable, willing to extend their business, affordable and good dividend yield. You will get all that with Student Transportation Inc. (STI). Student Transportation Inc. (STI) pay to their investors an excellent dividend yield of 8.171%. Student Transportation Inc. (STI) dividend is being paid on a monthly basis. The monthly distribution amount is of 0.046 cents per stock.

You can follow Student Transportation Inc. (STI) on Facebook and visit their Web site right here.

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