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Monday, March 17, 2014

House owning is for suckers

My grandmother is 91 years old and lately, it appear that she could no longer digest food. She couldn't keep in her stomach the normal portion of food that she normally eat for a meal. And as a result, she went to the hospital (in New Brunswick, of course, - she wouldn't be alive today if she would had been hospitalized somewhere in Quebec province!!), stayed there a couple of days, went better, was sent back home. Once back home, it started again. And at that time, I prayed for her and after a while, she has doing better and began to eat normal food again.

In Quebec, they have a Catholic show name Les Victoires de l'amour ??? or something like it. And yesterday, there was that girl in a wheelchair, saying that she was spiritual, but didn't believe in the Bible. And once again, I taught: those poor little f Quebeckers. They don't go to church, they don't believe in the Bible and they thing that God will help them anyway among the way? Forget about it. Deal with your own salvation. God won't answer.

There's nothing much more stupid than Quebeckers, that's for sure, and I have new proof of that day after day after day....

House owners are suckers and I am a suckers myself for working full-time in Quebec province, for stealing jobs to Quebeckers and for hating Quebeckers so damn much. And God is giving anything I want. So call money, so call b*itch. Is it really how its working? Oh yeah. After giving birth to many babies, a woman of 91 years old deserve to go in the last years of her life without too much pain.

Finally, Derek Foster got a few hours off from changing diapers and everything else to FINALLY write a nice letter to all of his readers and that including of course the famous me. Personally, I never dream of owning my own place. And that being for many reasons. 

In a place like New Brunswick, you can buy a very nice house for $150 000 and even less. Sound great at first but in New Brunswick, you got to clean the roof of the house a couple times in the winter. And if only it was the one and only expense... Taxes, which usually go up every year or so can hit a tight budget. When you become a home owner, you become a slave of the system. Once the tax go up, you have no choice, you have to pay more. you cannot battle that in any ways.

And once you want to sell, consider yourself lucky to sell at the initial price pay. I am not a believer of house owning to create richness. That is pretty much all bullshit. Mortgages are there so banks can make money and pay their CEOs millions and millions of dollars. The mortgage system is not there to help the middle class to make money. Its much more of a trap that can easily ruin your financial future. 

Its much more better to invest, make a 7k income or even more in dividend and have money to pay off yourself and your living expenses rather than bank and the corruptible financial system we live in here in Canada. Because if you lose your job, trust me, its not the bank who is managing your mortgage that will help you find a new job. No situation is secure. And that, Derek Foster is not saying a word of how much a house can diminished you financially. Derek Foster, now father of many  babies, has lost in intensity among the way.

You can compare a mortgage to the situation of my brother with his student loan. Student loan required close to $500 per month to my brother. That's what I call money sucking. The student loan suck $500 or close to my brother every and single months, and a mortgage, its even more, non stop for 25-30 years. Money sucking mean that it take money out from you, money that could be use to for much better things.

Money rule the world, but it doesn't have to control your every moves. Home owning is time and money sucking.

And yes, it was the post of the day!


Unknown said...

Home ownership is not for all... Works for me and my family, for our lifestyle, but your lifestyle is a little different from mine =P. What everyone should do is run the math, and if homeownership doesn't make sense for you, I'd be more than happy taking your rent money to use a place of mine - Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Why own a home? You build equity..and plus you have security if you want to borrow money, which makes the interest rate lower. I guarantee Derek Foster will buy a house within 2 years.

Property taxes go up year after year. Landlords have to pay these taxes, so they pass that along to their tenants via rent increases.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your article from my mortgage free house. Enjoy paying rent every month like a sucker.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

If owning a home is for suckers then renting is not however there are many willing to rent to you. This must mean that the landlords are making money and renting is for suckers.
Simple logic.

Anonymous said...

Paying a mortgage = paying yourself.
Paying rent = paying someone else forever.

Vicious Badger said...

You're spot on. Owning a house is a lie because you're immediately in debt hundreds of thousands to the bank who is charging you interest. You're basically given a loan. The only way to profit it is if you sell it for more than you paid, minus the thousands for upkeep, taxes, etc ...

I pay $900/month in rent total for a beautiful two bedroom loft that includes all utilities and underground parking. I am not in debt a single dollar, and it costs less per month to rent than it is to own, about $300 a month less. If I take that $300 and save that for 5 years, that's a total of $18000 guaranteed.


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