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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shoppers Drug Mart acquisition by Loblaws to be completed to March 28th

It took a very long time, but it will finally happen. The Competitive Bureau approved Shoppes Drug Mart acquisition by Loblaws. I had picked the maximum of cash option way back, and I hope to get a few thousands in cash - maybe 3 if I am lucky - and only, please, a few Loblaws share. This remind me of the TSX acquisition deal. At the time, I had picked a maximum cash option too, and I was left with only a few TMX shares - which I don't mind holding now. Those shares are there to remind me of the shit deal - bankers holding on to the end to the Canadian stock market. And now, after selling the TSX to bankers, Thomas Kloet, certainly all proud of his accomplishments, is now calling for retirement. Happy retirement, loser! Bye bye, go retire to North Korea Thomas Kloet please, where you really belong.

I wouldn't mind to hold a few Loblaws shares - there will be no more SC shares when this come to real. This move will help me to lower the usage of my margin. I am currently at $72 687.86 on my margin. It would be nice to get it lower eventually. But with a margin at of more 70k, I have a long way to go before it get paid off. However, it never been a preoccupation of mine. What I do care is to keep my margin under control. Currently, I only have left 5k of unused money margin. Its not a lot. To keep things nicely secure, I need to inject 5k - and 10k would be actually much better to keep my margin secure and safer. But 10k is quite an amount, you understand, so I have fix myself to only 6k.

I own less than 4k on my student loan and its a complete shame not to pay it off. So here is the deal, I only need $9 634 to inject 6k on my margin and $3 634 to pay off my student loan. With 9 months left to go for 2014, I can do both of those things with $1 070.44 per month. So now you know what will happen for the next 9 months. I could deliver a baby in the next 9 months if I get pregnant like NOW. That's not going to happen anytime soon. I wish to get pregnant in my forties only, when all of my sexy youth be wild done and I guess that at that time, I will have nothing better to do than changing diapers, doing laundry, and cleaning, cooking and so on and on. Later please, only later and even never, I wouldn't mind.

I used to have some cash lying in my bank account - years ago. I only keep the minimum required in there now. I may be able to find a 2k to remain in my banking account so I can be just like in the old days and that way I won't have any banking fees. I don't have any cash and before putting any more money down to my student loan or margin, I would very much keep a 1k for each of my 2 banking accounts - that would make 2k.

Following what, a 6k payment on my margin and the repayment of my student loan...

2014 = painful year



Arun S said...

You don't need to worry about debts as long as they are in your control. Inflation will take care your debts in long term. Keep buying high quality recession proof stocks and holding them forever.

For diversification purpose, why don't you buy some US stocks in you TFSA or RRSP accounts?

Anonymous said...

You are better off holding stocks like Loblaw than silver and gold that either goes up or down 5% and more in a day and hasn't gone anywhere in the last 3 years


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