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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Its going to be paid off one day

I went for a quick shopping trip to Quebec City yesterday and it was fun. I met my old folks at the Place Laurier where their travelling bus was waiting for me and I arrived just on time! I was able to spend the day with my mom and dad, my aunt and a few friends. We haven't seen each other since Christmas, so it was a fun time. 

I need to make a payment on Monday, but after that, my CIBC Visa will be down to $984. With my student loan being at $3 634.25, I only have left $4 618.70 to pay off - excluding of course my margin. In 6 months from here - which lead us to October - my CIBC Visa and student loan will be paid off. Why only October? I have vacations days in April, and after that I probably going to pay 1k more in taxes or around that. And I also have vacations during the summer... But with that part-time job I have now, it probably going to be much earlier. 

And where its getting interesting is that one I get my CIBC Visa and student loan paid off, I will be able to live on less than 1k a month. I am working hard to make it happen. the sooner, the better.


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of amazed that you can (theoretically) live on 1k per month in Montreal. I don't think that would be easy to do in Vancouver or Toronto. I live in rural Nova Scotia, and that's barely possible. (Maybe I should move to Montreal...? I do like them smoked meat sandwiches... )

Sunny said...

Rural places can be as expensive as cities sometime because you need a car, pay for insurance, etc.

Here in Montreal, I walk to go everywhere and I sometimes use public transportation.

Here's an overview of my monthly budget:

Once my debt paid off, it will be very easy for me to live on 1k a month and I cannot wait.

Anonymous said...

Also Sunny-walking is healthier for you.

I'm glad to see you do the impossible-live on $1k/month..although, I admit, I would find your lifestyle difficult to live.




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