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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcoming Spring, Investors!

Spring! Winter had been very long this year. Usually, winter in Montreal is not so bad but this year, it was like if the New Brunswick winter was in Montreal. I never went to a so cold winter in Montreal, it was quite surprising. Other than that, 2014 had been great so far. I paid off a credit line, credit cards and as you know, I only now have left my margin and student loan to pay off as debt. 

With only left $3 638.07 in student loan, paying it off is my next priority. However, before making any more extra payment on debt or whatever, I need to do my tax declaration for 2013. I certainly earn $50k this year + because I work all year long. I think I will have something like 1k or around to pay extra in taxes, and also, I probably going to have a few days of vacation for Easter in New Brunswick. 

I listen a bit to the Leaders Debate for Quebec next Prime. Nothing too much exciting. Quebeckers are paying millions for this election and the result will probably going to be the same. I don't think Liberals are strong enough to win. No Party have what it take. Legault, Couillard, Marois, David are not very interesting. And I don't find Quebec interests very interesting anyway. They are very fool selfish people and I do not belong here. Stucking in the money and one day I will be out of here.

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