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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sprott Inc. (SII) is on a chou-chou train

This past Friday, I decided to partly sell my investment in New Flyer Industries (NFI), I currently hold just half of what I used to have. I used the money to pay off completely my CIBC Visa. Other than my margin, I now only have my student loan debt left, which is at $3 634.25. It could be paid off very quickly...

Lately, I had been surprised on how much Sprott Inc. (SII) had gained in value. How knows, it could possibly catch out its old $10 per stock value. If I am lucky, the Shoppers Drug Mart acquisition by Loblaws will go on and I will be able to cash out some money from the deal. but its been report, report, and report again... what is the problem? I want my money now and I cannot wait! This is very exciting. I could used the cash to pay off my student loan and pay if off forever and bye bye debt (except for margin of course).

I don't blog on a regular basis these days. Its because I have a part-time job online, I earned $750 from it so far. Its helping to pay extra expenses, like my trip to Quebec city last week and etc so I am quite happy about it. However, work doesn't come on a regular basis. Sometimes I got work, and sometimes now.

Its been a short and relaxing weekend and watching the elections going on in Quebec is making me laugh. We Canadians are watching the social destruction of Quebec province and believe it or not. Shit doesn't come for nothing. It pay back happy time.


Anonymous said...


Ton blogue est très intéressant. Tes conseils, tes choix de titres, c'est très bien.

Il y a une chose que je ne comprend pas pourquoi diffuser le tout dans la langue de shakespeare! Est-ce pour avoir un auditoire plus large? Prouver ton assimilation dans la culture anglo-québecoise? Participer activement à la destruction de notre culture, notre société?

Y'a pas juste les anlais qui investissent batinse!

J'aime bien ce que tu fais, continue longuement et je te lirais pareil...

Oublie jamais une chose : French one day will rule the world again...


Frugal Man -Arun said...

Finally you made good decision to pay off debts. Planning to pay off your margin loan too? I have a massive debts, but I consider them as good debts because they are generating positive cash flow; however having debt free means stress free :).

Anonymous said...

Language is just a way to communicate. It has nothing to do with control. Why do want to control the world?


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