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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How much it pay to follow Susan Brunner, Derek Foster and Jean-François Tardif

I don't know exactly what's going on, but my non-registered portfolio is popping up to a mega pow-wow and its on the $137 792.82 that I am playing hard. Back on January 1st, my non-registered was at 130k and my overall value was at $183 000. I could be sitting on a 200k right now, but I don't have enough time to work on an update. But I can certainly imagine, very easily a 200k and a net worth of 120k+. When the TSX is on the high, absolutely everything become very extra easy and achievable. Its way much easier to become rich on a smooth good looking TSX market rather than a rocky bear whatever else stock market.

With only $320 in dividend income for February, the richness was low in February, but I am looking forward for a very good dividend income in March. I already received FTS, ENF and CU dividend so far. I am making that debt payment on my CIBC Visa, and once that baby is all paid off, I am thinking of investing inside my TFSA. I am a Susan Brunner follower like I am a Derek Foster follower and a Jean-François Tardif follower. When I like, I just get stuckkkkkk innnnnn. And I really like Susan Brunner, she's, like DF and JFT one of the financial persona behind my successful 111k net worth. 

I had invested in KBL, ABX, CNR - among other - after reading about those great stocks on Susan Brunner stock. And today I read that Susan lost a love one - very unfortunate - life follow after dead but the money don't follow. However, I had the investing taste too in deep now to not invest from time to time and right now, I am in deep of something new, something fresh. And Susan Brunner came to the rescue. I find her Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN) interesting and it could be a nice fit for my TFSA. Once my CIBC Visa is completely paid off, I will reward myself with a nice and sexy new investment and it could be REF.UN because whatever Susan Brunner invest in, I want the same. The very same as her.

All this to say that everyone and get a net worth of 100k very easily and it doesn't take a 50k a year salary to make it. It took me a few years, but I went there. I begin with not even 35k a year. Its not a matter of how much you earn, its a matter of how you spend your money, and how you save in invest. For example, take Quebec province. It has all the richness in the world, mines, its produce its own electricity. We do not produce all the electricity we need in New Brunswick. But no matter what, Quebec province is full of debt and not to add to this full of shit too. Taxes are way higher is Quebec than in New Brunswick. And you don't want ever have to go to a Quebec hospital. The whole social system is insufficient in Quebec, but they have all the possibilities in the word. 

We may not be that rich in New Brunswick, but we understand the power of religion, we respect God and our government respect it citizens. Never you'll see in New Brunswick taxes going as hard and far as Quebec province do. And now, Quebec province is simply running more its economy by going under elections. How much the upcoming provincial elections will cost to Quebec? Certainly a couple millions. And Quebeckers certainly don't deserve any better.

By ruining the identity of other with their anti-religion law, Quebec is currently dealing with much more problems we could ever imagine and this is the revenge of those who are suffering for being religious and having to be ridiculed by stupid Quebeckers.

Its not always the richer who are the smartest ass. 

Us New Brunswickers, we are the best, Quebec can be throw to Hell where its belong. And just watch me catching the 200k portfolio real soon. Watch me baby, watch me.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully for your sakes the market doesn't correct. It's still at the top and margin requirements for HRX and HXY were still lowered. In HXY case, it's no 0% margin..

Unknown said...

Putting money in your pocket instead of carrying debt and putting it in someone else's pocket is the main reason your net worth is growing... Leverage can work in your favour, but not forever. Life is about balance, and glad to see you have been rebalancing, and reaping the rewards - Cheers and welcome back to your original goal DG.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I like the venom in your voice when you talk about Quebec. Sheesh, lady! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have been following Susan for a long time. No one does a stock review as in depth as she does. I hold quite a few of her stocks. I do find sometimes she holds on to a non performer a little too long. I do not know why she does this. My favourite blog site in Canadian Dividend Blogger. He is absolutely the best. I also use Stock Chase a a review of any stocks I am interested in and also the only one I pay for is i5 Investments

Anonymous said...

I've read your web site semi-regularly and usually enjoy your investments ideas.

However, your comments about Quebec (and people who live in Quebec) are totally out of place and disrespectful. Do you realize these folks live in our country too?

After reading the drivel you posted on your blog I'm starting to understand why some of them don't feel like they belong in this country and want to start their own.


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