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Sunday, March 2, 2014

February was an awesome investing month

Already the month of March coming in! Another rent to be paid, and bills, oh yeah. I rank up to a total of $1 681 in expenses for March. I have bought a new office chair for $191 in February. I didn't have any comfy chair, but now I have one so just be ready to read on some more interesting blog posts!

My credit card rank up to $895. Oh lala. I plan to control more my expenses in March and cut off morning (and sometimes) afternoon coffees and stuff. Its not outrageous spending, but I plan to be more careful and not buy any coffees at work - or at least I try. I don't like to rank close to the $900 on my credit card.

I am going to Quebec City next week for a shopping trip as my folks are going there so hopefully, we'll be able to meet without too much trouble. I have a cell phone, but of course, they don't. Anyway, the goal is not to spend more than $500 for the month of March on my credit card. Or maybe 600. Budgeting is HARD.

Even after a deposit of $1 600 on my student loan, my monthly payment is still the same $98, it didn't actually reduce the amount. But in result, my student loan balance is now of only $3 6030 and 42 cents. Not a fortune at all and I would very like to get rid of my student loan sometime by the end 2014. My brother own closed to $50 000 in student loan and believe it or not, his monthly payments are close tot he $500 per month! Students loans staff are retarded for sure.

In the immediate time I have my $2 404.45 credit card balance at 0% with CIBC that soon will expire. I will be ok to pay it off by the end of April. But wait, in April, I am going home for Easter and April is also the TAX month.

For the second year in a row, I have pop up the 50k in income for 2013. I probably going to have something close like the $600 to $800 to pay extra in taxes. I may need to use my BMO credit line for a limited time, I don't know. But the good news is that April will probably be a very good month for my dividend income.

Other than the usual money problem, I stop coloring my hair and my natural color is slowly showing and I don't dislike what I see. Its been 2 months since I didn't color my hair and I don't regret. I had been coloring my hair for close to 10 years now and the whole process of getting my hair colored is taking long each time and it need to be done every single months. So I got enough and stop coloring my hair, saving about $25-$30 each month. But I am not doing this to save money, its just that I really have enough of hair coloration.

To close February in all in strength and fabulous beauty, my non-registered portfolio finish the session at $137 516.02! In result, I have left $7 633.77 on my margin. I like to see the TSX at more than 14 000 points. I hope things will remain as good for the upcoming months as I am working at paying down my debt.

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Arun said...

TSX is doing well as well DV. Keep reduce your debt, you will be better off. Keep it.


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