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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Scotia Bank (BNS) increase its dividend distribution

My non-registered portfolio close the session at $137 438.68. Quite good, but it seem too good to stay on like that. Pappy Gordon Pape is still saying that we are going to have a correction, blablabli, blablabla, friends of the Golf Club will get richer, and I probably going to be poorer. Anyway, hit it on baby, I am ready. Crash baby crash. 

This upcoming Friday is going to be interesting because I am waiting for my pay and that money will go on to pay my CIBC Visa. I guess it will be something like $1 200. on top of that, add my dividend income for March - maybe something like $500. If lucky, its something like $1 700 I will be able to pay on my Visa, leaving a tiny balance of $704 behind.

Oh, and I don't know if you have catch the news, but Scotia Bank is making so much money that they decided to increase its dividend of 2 cents........ Quite hilarious, whatever.

The best thing I can do for now is to pay my CIBC Visa and after time, my student loan.

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Arun said...

Hey good to hear, lot other compaines in your portfolio increased dividend (ex enb, TD, FTS, etc..). Have a look at BIP.UN and BEP.UN. These two stocks have tax issues, but worth to buy in your TFSA.


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