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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Canada needs to fight the Islamic State

I learned about the terrorists attack in Paris with a great sadness. Its hard to imagine what actually happen there, in such a beautiful city that I had the chance to visit a few times in my life. Charlie Hebdo attack was less frightening in the sense that it was more understandable. 

Its very unfortunate, but we need to actively fight the Islamic State. If Canada remain just a peacekeeper without taking part in the combats - the Islamic State could one day become reality. And if it happen, we'll be stuck with it for the long run. Canadian military absolutely need to stand up and join the rank of the Kurds to irradiate terrorists. Justin Trudeau position is weak, and not one of a true leader. If we don't do nothing, Islamic State will grow and we could find ourselves in the same position as Syria one day - even if its seem something impossible right now. 

Its not true that such atrocities cannot happen here, especially knowing that 25 000 Syrian refugees will arrive in Canada soon. We could suffer badly from not taking charge now. And welcoming so many refugees is a very bad idea. Those people need to stay in Europe. ONU need to take care of them and build refugee camps. Its a stupid move that those poor people are doing each time they take the road to hit another city. But the worst is to see them pack in small boats, desperately trying to reach another land. Why the international community is watching and letting them do such thing? Of course, I would be doing the same if I were in their position, but what is not understandable, is that Canada is watching without doing nothing. Welcoming refugees won't solve the problem and I don't think we should welcome any of them.

Its again very unfortunate, but among those refugees, there's terrorists and its mostly impossible to detect the good from the bad people. And for that specific reason, ONU need to take charge, build up some camp, or a city somewhere specially made for those refugees. Its the only honest and tangible solution to such dramatic problems. But we cannot take the problems and bring them to Canada.

That is my position regarding the Islamic State and Syrian refugees.

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