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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

While dealing with a mix of insecurities, saving money is the best you can do. Advice of a Dividend Girl

The stock market is by itself is very strange, like if the world wasn't strange enough by its own. The stock market only enhance everything up. On Friday, Paris suffers from a terrorist attack and on Monday, the TSX was gaining closed to 2%, and in results, my non-registered closed yesterday session at $126 567.19. Today, my non-registered portfolio closed at $126 353. 

From a day to another, the market go up or down... its a real circus out there. No need to rush to invest my money because:
1) I have no ideas in what to invest.
2) Markets are frightening. Each business day, I hold my breath.
3) I need more savings.

With today world being all upside down, one of the most valuable thing to have is savings. A mistake that can be easily done is to think of your investments who are on the stock market as savings. Investments are not savings because investments are out of reach. I would never sell my stock portfolio, no reason what. Knowing that, what would I do if I need money?

I don't know, I only have 1k in my banking account.

This is not a normal situation. I have a non-registered portfolio of $126 353 on the stock market and I barely have no savings at all.

I am such a bad bad girl. We can all agree on that one and single thing at least.

During time of insecurity, focus should be made on savings.

Save, save and save.


Anonymous said...

Sunny-I admire you. You are finally realizing your own weaknesses.
Sadly to say, if you only have 1K in savings then you are living off the seats of your pants.
Plus, your all maxed out on your credit cards/line of credit.
One pillar of my investment philosophy states that if I need the $$ in less than 5 yrs..I do not go all in and invest it.
When you say you are frighted by the market..what makes you scared of it?
I believe everyone can do better managing their own money. Keep your emotions in check,know what you own, and don't read the fucking news. Seriously..don't. The news sells fear. That's how they sell papers.
What is astounding is the media as a whole are clueless..about everything. Your best defense is knowing what you own, getting independent news/info, and really making your own judgement about where the world is heading. That helps drive my investment process, and it's my hope it drives yours.

Sunny said...

What is that shitty comment little buddy?
How come "finally realizing your own weaknesses"???!! I know myself.
I do not have debt, except for my margin account.

As for the savings, its only good for the records.


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