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Saturday, November 28, 2015

These days, boring is the usual on the TSX stock market

These days, the TSX could be what we could say "stable". No real gain, no real lost. Just a stock market that is there to annoy investors. Such stock market conditions are really not interesting at this point.  2015 is about to pass over and nothing much will be left of it in my memory.

On this Black Friday, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at $125 720.31. Nothing to be much excited about, but still, I am exceeding the 125k. My margin usage is at $65 844.02. I try to stay on the 65k. So let say that my financial situation is "ok" at this time. the stock market is not giving u the chance to get very enthusiasm and excited. This had become the usual these days. Very BORING.

I went to the Black Friday, but I didn't need anything. And it was raining like crazy and I didn't have an umbrella so I hit home quite quickly. I currently have everything I need to face the winter and I am trying to control my expenses. I bought a new pair of boots last year. I recently bought a new pair of jeans (really needed) a new purse at Aldo (no so needed) and a winter little hat. Those were the Christmas gifts from me-to-me. When a girl has a new purse, its like she has change of skin. Like a sexy snake.

Black Friday makes it the perfect time to buy a winter coat, boats or whatever else - but only if you need it.
When you have one winter coat, one pair of boots, one pair of shoes, a few nice tops, a few pair of pants, makeup, a few fake jewelries... Really, a nice girl doesn't need more. And that leave plenty of place for investment, or at least it make things much easier. However, I do spent a bit more than what is post on here - that being really the minimum. Control is the key and if you can control the way you spend your valuable money, you'll become powerful, and very sexy.

Have a nice Saturday.


Anonymous said...

you are always so sexy!

Sunny said...

Especially when the markets are boring.



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