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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Syrian refugees shouldn't be welcome in Canada

France, not only because of its recent terrorist attack, know what is like to deal with immigration problems. They have "HLM" where immigrants are jam pack, a lot of them are Muslims. People who live there live in hell. Drugs, prostitution, radicalization, school dropout... Its very sad, but while opening our doors to immigration, we also open the door to those kind of problems which cost a lot of money to deal with.

Immigration problem is one of the reason why France is so economically poor.

Canadian society is not made for Syrian immigrants. First, there's a religion problem. In Syria, they have their little Muslim routine, they pray, etc... But here in Canada, we live our daily live free of any religion. Our society system is not strong enough to welcome refugees because we let people do whatever they want. If a girl want to wear a hijab, she can. And see the results in France.

In France, immigration problems have nothing to do with Paris terrorist attack. The problem is so more complex and bigger than that. When you remove individuals from all they know to put them in a new environment they don't know anything about, don't expect things to go well. Its not ok to take poor refugees, bring them to Canada, force them to learn English and French and expect them to make a living by their own. By doing so, we are condemning Syrian refugees to eternal poverty. 

In the meantime, who is helping the workers who lost their job in the oil sector? What are we doing to help our own citizens? Nothing is being done. But we are willing to spend millions of dollars to welcome poor Syrian refugees who don't practice a decent religion and who don't speak either French or English.

Syrian refugees need help, but its not Canada responsibility to take. It doesn't make any sense to bring those people here. Syrian should reside in Muslim countries. Many of Syrian refugees live in Jordan. They should simply stay there. We could help Jordan to build infrastructures, schools, etc for those refugees, but taking them and bring 25 000 of them in Canada is foolish. Syrian refugees had to give up on their country, do they really have to give up on what is being left of them? I don't think so. Welcoming refugees is certainly good for Justin Trudeau image, but it will create all kind of problems, to Syrian refugees and Canadians people.

We'll have to do like in France, build HLM for Syrian refugees to live in because they don't have enough to pay their rent. And they cannot pay rent because they cannot find work... they cannot find work because they don't speak and don't understand our language... Its a vicious circle and I don't think Justin Trudeau truly understand in what kind of shit he's driving us in. Its very arrogant in a way. Its a decision made without any sensibility and without any respect to us.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Darned if you Do. Darned if you Don't.

Anonymous said...

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Sunny said...

Hi Sam,

I guess you are a new reader because I had been supporting NDP for many years now.
I vote for Tom Muclair NPD this year and 4 years ago, I voted Hélène Laverdière of NDP also.

I used to be Liberal, but Justin Trudeau doesn't have what it take to be our Prime Minister and chief of its party. He's a jerk. Same thing with his wife. A ridiculous couple.

This election proof that most Canadians are really superficial.

It cost a lot to be Canadian, but not as much as $150 000, I can assure you. They're many French of France people at my workplace and becoming Canadian, I don't remember exactly, bit something like $2 500 - $3 000, but never as much as $150 000.


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