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Sunday, November 8, 2015

RRSP investments might be a good thing after all

I call my mother this evening and she had bad news. Its regarding her teeth. My mother family side suffer from a condition, genetic I guess, that slowly attack the health of their teeth as soon they get in their late 50s, 60s. With age, the root of their teeth seriously rotted. Not because they don't brush their teeth, but its a condition that attack their teeth from their inside. My mother had one of her back teeth remove last year. This year, she had a tooth fix, but no matter what, the tooth remain sensible and she feel something when, for instance, she drink her coffee.

And guess what, the poor girl that I am have the same teeth as my mother family side. I can say that because our teeth look alike. We almost have straight teeth, but not exactly because of one left front tooth is higher than the other ones... Its one of my mother family side trademark. So I guess I will be suffering from the same condition when I will hit my fifties but keep reading until I reach that venerable age. My mother doesn't have health insurance, so this is going to cost her a bunch of money.

That was the bad news. Imagine having extra sensible teeth. It must be a daily pain. It seem to me that my RRSP money is going to serve at something after all one day... I prefer teeth problem rather than having earring problems like Gordon Pape.

Otherwise, its seem to be the only default to my beautiful genetic.

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