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Sunday, November 15, 2015

My annual dividend income is now at $6 173.34

Even with my latest investment in Hydro One Limited (H), my non-registered portfolio closed Friday session at a low $124 582.79. Normally, in a good stock market position, I probably be on the $135 000 mark right now. Its no surprise, with a TSX as low as 13 075.42 points, no one can really be on top of the game. And this way, part of the great good excitement and magnificent of investing in stocks is being lost. We all invest to make money, but sometimes, it take more time than what it was initially expected. 

I am willing to take the time it will take. In the meantime, with the addition of Hydro One Limited (H), my annual dividend income is at $6 173.34. Hydro One Limited (H) will probably pay a dividend yield between 4 and 4.4 percent. This is a reasonable dividend distribution. Overall, I think that Hydro One make an interesting investment to any portfolio. I like the idea of holding a company that is partly also own by the province of Ontario. That was my main reason behind my turn on.

The second half of 2015 had been very rough for me. For the first time in several months, something "new" catch on my attention. I felt the same good old excitement as before. Each time you invest should be a celebration and its definitively bring on some good vibes. I felt a bit of that withe my investment in Hydro One Limited (H). From I saw inside my non-registered portfolio with TD Waterhouse, Hydro One Limited (H) has a margin loan value of 50% - which is very good.

A good margin loan value doesn't necessarily mean that an investment is of good quality, but its certainly a positive indication. I don't think that TD Waterhouse would had gave a margin loan value of 50% to Hydro One Limited (H) if that company didn't have value at all. See what I mean? TD won't never openly admit it, but margin loan value can certainly use as in indicator of how well a stock is doing.And with my little knowledge, I like to rely on straight indicators like margin loan value.


Anonymous said...

The name of the company has no effect on the margin loan value. The margin loan value depends on the the price of the stock.

You are in the accumulation stage. Would you not prefer the market to go down? This way you get to buy stocks cheaper and therefore higher yield. It is difficult to see your account go down in value sometimes, but that is part of the markets.

Anonymous said...

Every year, you are disappointed with your performance and every year, I tell you you would have made money by owning the Mawer balanced funds. This year, the Mawer Balanced fund is up 8.34% and the newer Mawer Global balanced fund which was started in 2013 is up almost 11%. That's a very good return without having to break your head about picking individual stocks. If you would have invested 100k in mawer balanced fund in Feb 2009, you would have 230k today.

You have been holding on to silver, gold stocks for year in hope for a rebound and in the meantime losing good investment opportunities outside of Canada. You started investing early but at the same time, you are losing precious years because of your performance. You need to examine your investment philosophy and like Dr. Phil would say, how is that working for you?

Now for the poster that says that you want lower price because you are in accumulation stage, that would be ok if stock were cheap but a lot of the good companies that you want to own are not cheap. If you look at stocks like BCE, CNR, Loblaw, Cineplex, etc these stocks are not cheap.

Sunny said...

Ideas are always welcome, they are great to share for others, but its not because one present an idea that I will jump on it! I invest in what I want, its always been the case. I am not disappointed with my performance, you are not reading me correctly. I want more, I don't want less.

Dividend Beginner said...

Hi Sunny,

Congrats on hitting such a high annual dividend income! That's fantastic. Hydro One is also a cool investment I was checking out during its IPO.

Best regards


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