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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Hydro One Limited (H)!

Surprise... This past week, I bough some shares of Hydro One Limited (H) for my non-registered portfolio. This wasn't really plan. The year 2015 is coming to the end and I want it to end in a great way. I didn't invest much in 2015. Overall, 2015 had been a shitty year for the Canadian stock market. 

Following April 2015, everything went wrong. But on April 2015, I was on top of my game, I had $205 871 invested, with a new worth of $139 599. I was on my way for a net worth of $150 000 when the stock market began to show serious signs of extreme volatility. My dream of getting on a $150 000 net worth fly away.

Anyway, I got very excited about Hydro One Limited (H). H had been a market for less than a week, but its exciting because its going to pay between 4 to 4.4 dividend yield distribution. I like what I read so far about Hydro One Limited (H). For a moment, I remember what it was to feel excited about something. 

Yes, Hydro One Limited (H) turn me on.


Anonymous said...

Not my first choice. Lots of debt. Liberal government (need I say more???) dividend yield not that impressive because other high quality companies have similar dividend yields

Dividend Arena said...

Congrats on Hydro One, looks like we both picked up a few shares. This will be my only fun pick for 2015 though :)

Unknown said...

I am wondering the caretakers there are making the sunshine list. Look at Air Canada, more pensioners than active workers. Yes, liberal, too. Good luck on this. A liberal trying to become a capitalist is very hard.

Anonymous said...

Really Sunny-a 4.6% yield gets you excited these about try these stocks..and you're not in bed with the Ontario Gov't

I'm giving you their ticker symbols:
1)NEWT goes ex-dividend on Nov 22. They will pay you a special dividend of 3.29 USD..that's a 11.2% yield based on the $17 stock price
2) WP Carney-internally managed REIT. Had this one for a couple of years. Still a great performer. Increases it's dividend every quarter. Picked in up last Feb. Paid out $3.74. Current payout $3.84. That's a 6.6% yield.
3) Write call options on all your 'junk' stocks..pocket the premium..that'll help you pay for your mom's teeth..



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