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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Its time for another investment, let's think of Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A)

Did you miss me all of my belove and wonderful readers? I try to connect online yesterday, without much success. Videotron Internet connection wasn't working. While I was away, the stock market didn't deliver much and in result, my margin value go down to less than $3 000. Scary, but during that time, I was busy at other stuff, I had a little something for my self-employed work.

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $132 764 and so far for January, I earn $900 in dividend. Since my BMO credit line is now paid off and that in another I will be getting my paycheck , I was thinking of making my first investment of the year 2014. I was thinking of finally getting into my Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A). It will be a small investment and only made in my non-registered account. Without knowing, LAS.A probably get into a 70% margin loan value, so it will help to stabilize the value of my margin that had been quite low lately. Nothing worth more than cash of course, but since a reader put LAS.A on my way, I had been fascinating and it will be a nice fit to my portfolio despite the fact that, hell yeah, LAS.A is a Quebec company. Hoolly mollly. 

At this time, I have eyes also on Quebecor (!!!) and also some TD stock - could be nice to invest in TD before its value pop up the $100.

Seem like my very own Jean-François Tardif is being love by hot boys and hot girls. Latest thing I notice is a comment by a so call moron lawyer saying I should look up for certificate s. Come on, BS lawyer. Lawyers are among the worst BS of all, making money on the back of poor people. I don't think they are valuable.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

For the first time ever, my BMO credit line is paid OFF. BANG!

Another week is about to end reallll soon, the weekend will soon be here. Since I am getting my paycheck tomorrow, I decided to pay my BMO credit line in advance and I used my margin to pay off my $647 balance. After my American Express, my BMO credit line is now pay off. What at will happen won't be much more exciting! I had changed a bit my initial January plan to pay off debt, but not drastically. The next couple months won't be much exciting. I am just waiting for my Shoppers Drug Mart to be sell (acquisition by Loblaw) and see the result on my margin. If I get a good cash amount and decrease a bit my margin, I could easily invest for the for time of 2014 in March. If everything goes well, it will be in my TFSA.

My next big debt payment will be in May, to pay off my $2 300 CIBC Visa at 0%. CIBC Visa had been quite generous with me lately. I actually have another offer available, 1.99% for 6 months. I didn't received any offer from TD Visa - I used to received credit card interest rate balance transfer every months. Anyway, it doesn't really matter now that I am crashing off my debt. But I will always remain the credit card balance transfer Queen. AE, CIBC, RBC, TD... They all have gave me good offers in the past and it still continue.

Now that all of my credit debt is about to be pay off, it can only benefit my credit score and the big fatty margin, well, it doesn't appear in my credit score! It could be one of the numerous benefits of holding on to a sexy margin.

After recently dumping a few stocks, my non-registered value is just a bit more than $133k. Of course, the dividend income is decreasing among the way, but it worth it. I no longer have a minimum payment of $70 to do on my American Express, I no longer have a $100 to pay monthly on my BMO credit line. I mean come on, really, does that girl really rock the place or what?

No matter what your thinking is, my minimum budget is now only of $1 061. And it will get even lower once my CIBC Visa and student loan are paid off. 

If it happen that you get really bored of reading about this chick paying off debt, well, you can always read the f comments. Have fun.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saying goodbye to Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B)

On this beautiful very cold winter day, the TSX close session close to the 14 000 points! And on the same day, at the market opening, I was selling off all of my Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) shares. I do no hold to any BBD.B shares and its a good thing because as time pass by, BBD.B could go all the way down and I am scare of what could happen. And since I had a few debt to pay... I happily sell off and I am now down to $647 on my credit line. By the second week of February, it will be all paid off. Finally!

Its real cool in Montreal and I am just get out of the shower so I won't have take it tomorrow morning. So you are reading a wet Dividend Girl super hot in her pyjama. And I am going to bed now.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A stock that: worth to be dumb: Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B)

While Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) titre continue all its way down down down, I seriously begin to think to dumb the stock, just like I recently did to VSN, RSI and STB. If I sell now, I can still make a profit - not big - but still a profit out of the sale. Knowing I only have a balance left of a bit more than 1k on my credit line, I am very tempted to sell Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B), cash in the cash, and make another $500 deposit on my credit line...

If what Pappy Gordon Pape said is true, that we are going to have a stock market correction by the end of the winter-beginning of Spring, than, it could be that of a good idea to dumb troublemaker stocks now that it's still possible and reinvest once the market will correct itself. I guess Gordon friends of the gulf club will be happy once the market get in a correction. But no worries, once it happen, I will be ready. I will have a few thousands to invest and hello darling cha-cha the $200 000 net worth... Its so much easier after the 100k, did you know that by any chances?

Even after selling VSN, RSI and STB, my non-registered value is $134 531.49, +$21 457.67, 18.98%. So dumping a few stocks did not affected my value. At this very moment, I am tempt to sell my Bombardier stocks. Who knows, maybe it will be possible to get back in Bombardier once BBD.B hit the low $2 per share...

When you think about it, Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) is just another Quebec company that couldn't deliver, that is very all. And your Dividend Girl, does she deliver or not? 

Let's go baby, let's go.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Saying goodbye to Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) and Student Transportation Inc. (STB)

I did it, as soon as the market opens today, my Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) and Student Transportation Inc. (STB) shares were sell, just at the time the bells ring. Dong-dong-dong and goodbye RSI and STB and hello payment of $1 214 on my credit line. I now only have a balance of $1 047, which will be paid off in the second week of February. Following what, 3 months will pass before the end of May. It give me more than enough time to pay off my CIBC Visa... So far, I am walking aside the debt payment plan and I am getting very excited! 

The new date for Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation action to instructions is now on Valentine Day, February 14th. The sell of my Shoppers Drug Mart shares could generate more than 3 thousands. This will decrease my margin value, actually, each time I sell a stock from my non-registered account, it directly affect the value of my margin. But I can easily see myself using a 1k from that money and put it over debt, but not much more. I could get my CIBC Visa card paid off very quickly, but I will let it go until May because I don't pay interest.

Following the payment of my credit line, I have many other things I could do:

-Pay down my student loan
I didn't pay more than the minimum payment on my student loan in a veryyy long time and I could pay off a 1k... But even before the student loan, I am much interested in adding on fresh cash into the margin to protect it from a market downturn.... so it our other option;
-Pay down my margin
-Do a TFSA contribution
I have thousands and thousands of contribution room left, it will be sad not to take advantage.

That's it! The third option is actually my first one because some time had passed since my last investment and I actually don't remember what was my latest investment... Oh wait, it was the bread thing CBY. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

After Veresen Inc. (VSN), the plan is to let go my Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) and Student Transportation Inc. (STB) shares

With the money collected with the sell of Veresen Inc. (VSN), my BMO credit card balance had reached a new low, only $2 261.06 to go! I happily get rid of Veresen Inc. and I have absolutely no regret about it. Another stock that doesn't match my grow expectation is Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI). Just like VSN, my Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) shares did n't grow in value and I had been holding on to RSI in my non-registered portfolio since February 2011!

Since February 2011, no grow in the stock value, but the too rich dividend had been appreciated. However, time had come to say good-bye to Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) stocks. Since its acquisition, I never benefit of any grow and that kind of upset me. Oh wait, that is not exactly true... I am currently on a profit of $1.84 on Rogers Sugar Inc... Holding a stock just for its juicy dividend is I think the worst possible investment decision ever. Selling Rogers to get my hands on $521 and pay off my BMO credit line.... Why not? Its absolutely tempting!

Just check this out:
$40.18 (what I currently hold in cash in my TFSA) + $183.15 (what I am currently expecting in dividend my the end of January) + $376 (what I am expecting  in dividend for February) + $ 1 117 (paycheck of the second week of February) = $1 716.33

That leave a tiny $544.73 on my credit line... Quite nice!

Maybe no one is getting the feeling of what's really going on right now, but by the end of May, I won't be holding any credit debts, at the exception of my student loan and margin. Its a $150 extra per month that remain in my deep pockets. Interesting.

I hold another stock that is in the same type of situation of my recall Veresen Inc. (RSI) and Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI), its Student Transportation Inc. (STB). I prefer STB to RSI, but I could sell now STB to pay off my credit line and get back on Student Transportation later on. Why I could easily do so? Its because STB stock price doesn't go up too much, and doesn't go down either.  I had been holding to STB since February 2011 and since that time, I had realized a capital gain of $34.11....

Knowing I am so close of paying off my credit line, it could worth it to sell both RSI and STB.

Following what, paying of $2 300 CIBC Visa card could be easy, by the end of May, its should be all paid off.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Saying goodbye to Veresen inc. (VSN)

I did it! I sell my Veresen Inc. (VSN) shares at $15.01 each. This morning, I was getting anxious, so I place my sell order as soon the stock reached than $15. Later on during the day, Veresen Inc. (VSN) reached again the $15.10. It actually closed the day at $15.20. I feel better now without Veresen in my portfolio and the $980.67 collected will go as payment on the BMO credit line.... which mean that my credit line balance will soon be of only $2 264... But wait, its not all!
I also just received $21 in dividend from Agrium Inc. and I also have $40.18 cash in my TFSA...

So little by little, my BMO credit line will be paid off and I won't earn anything to those Quebeckers! There you go. Instead of $100, it's only $44 and six cents that I will need to pay on the credit line every month... until its completely paid off. I should be able to pay it all by the end of March. And by the end of May, its my CIBC Visa of $2 300 that will be pay off. And after that, my $5 381.54 student loan...

Its a good thing that I that own too much in debt because I wouldn't be able to see the end of it. Of course, margin count at debt, but one thing at a time please.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Letting go my Veresen Inc. (VSN) stocks

Back on January 16, 2012, EXACTLY 2 years ago, I was purchasing my Veresen Inc. (VSN), purchased at $15.26. I made a good deal of money on the dividend, but in term of capital gain, I made $0. Veresen Inc. (VSN) did not gain in value for the past 2 years. Dividend is always good to earn, but with Veresen like any huge dividend payer, I don't want to imagine the day that Veresen will cut its dividend and lose real capital value forever.

Today, Veresen Inc. (VSN) pop up to the $15.10. Following what, I decided to sell my Veresen shares at $15.10. I am confident that MAYBE Veresen will reach the $15.10 value per share again tomorrow.

Veresen Inc. (VSN) had annoyed me since its been in my portfolio. The reason being that the stock never grow in value. And its kind of annoying. I really hope to get rid of Veresen off my portfolio tomorrow. I will use the money left to partly pay down my margin and pay off my unfamous BMO credit line.

I am getting enough of Veresen, I really want to sell! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Paying down my BMO credit line debt

Once you have your idea fix and that you really want to pay your debt life became extremely hard. Very very hard, because the only thing you want have that is to pay your debt as quickly as possible. But paying debt require a lot of money and once you say money you say time, because you have to wait for the next paycheck... or the next dividend payment.

And surprise! I have update my dividend income and so far for January, I am at $745, and that being in my non-registered account only. In total its $1 556 I had transferred over my BMO credit line. I am currently waiting for a $600 check regarding my self-employed work. I think I may be able to pay off my credit line by the end of February, beginning March - maybe.

My BMO credit line is now down to $3 244. My American Express had been paid off. To pay off completely the line, my CIBC Visa and student loan, I need $10 925.54. Quite a lot of money. See this is why paying debt is soo hard because pay check after pay check, you know exactly where your money will go. There is no freedom. This is why paying debt is so hard.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Dividend Girl is turning into a real debt payer

I came around here yesterday with a tiny little bit of a frustration and I never have any shame on expressing that desperation on my blog. And that is what nourish my bones and Acadian sexy flesh. There will be just no end to it. Nourish my anger, and you'll nourish my soul. And anyway, I am now totally sure that I will be able to easily pay off that $4 800 BMO credit line very very soon. 

I already received the $824 generate by the selling of my KEG.UN shares into my margin account. So I will go tomorrow at the nearest BMO Bank and proceed with the payment. From a $4 800 balance, I will go down to $3 976. $3 976 is still a good amount, it will take me 3 long months before its paid off, April will be the happy month but no worries, it will be done.

After almost a decade pass on investing, why it has become suddenly sooo important to pay out my debt? Check this out:

This is my current budget that cover exclusively my monthly minimum need:

Rent: 615$
Grocery: $200
Internet: $35
Cell: $41
Laundry: $18
Credit card: $50
Credit line: $100
Banking fees: $6
Student loan: $98

Total: $1 163

Look now at what look my minimum budget after all debt is paid off:

Rent: 615$
Grocery: $200
Internet: $35
Cell: $41
Laundry: $18
Credit card: $50
Credit line: $100
Banking fees: $6
Student loan: $98

Total: $909

Between the before and after, its an extra $254 that is save and that can be use for entertainment or any other else...

And its currently very tempting to reach such possible situation. I think I will be good for another full-time employment year, I don't have any feelings that I will be laid off. However, I want to protect myself from a laid off or from any other situation that could happen. It became harder and harder than ever to stay in Quebec and I want to make my move outside the province possible because I won't live in a "country" that doesn't recognize God and doesn't see him as the supreme powerful. In other words, I have enough of those Quebeckers little ass. Also, the fact that I reached the 106k net worth this December 2013 had been a huge push in the butt to pay some debt. 

That is the story behind the Dividend Girl turning so suddenly to a Debt Payer Girl.

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