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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another bad news or when enough is not enough

When is it going to stop?

I won’t be able to do any more hours during the morning at what use to be my weekend job. Look like my weekend job will remain… my weekend job. Everything went well for about 3 weeks. It just this week that I learn I won’t be able to do any morning shifts because of my productivity. But the worst is that I am not alone in this situation. I was told I could go the night shift. Since I am already working at night, I stick with the weekends. Which mean that my weekend job will remain… my weekend job.

It’s just not enough having to pay an extra 3 000$ in taxes, not enough to be working around the clock, not enough to be laid-off from my old day job, now, something else had to happen… and I am just wondering what’s going to happen next. Like the word is falling under my feet and I am following the gravity – I am falling too. I can handle a lot, but now, the situation is pretty chaotic and out of control. And I just cannot control my work situation. And this is exactly part of the reason why I am so into what used to be the Derek Foster strategy because I find it exciting and full of possibilities. I do not want to suffer all my life from poor work situations.

If it happens that one day, I can make enough money from my investments to stay off the workplace for a couple of years in my life, well, I will be the first one to be running into the possibility and sticking to the plan. But now, whit almost 3 000$ gone in taxes money (it’s hurt!), I begin to feel a bit desperate here. It’s not tomorrow that I am going to be able to quietly leave the workplace.

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