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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I finally receive my Pengrowth Energy Trust dividends

I had received 51.20$ in dividend from Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN). The dividend had been roll over to purchase more stocks. And this is how I acquire 7 brand new units of PGF.UN at no charge.

As for the rest, I had my taxes done by a professional and I had an appointment this Monday. I made an overall income of more than 44 000$ in 2008. Life had been good for me here in Montreal so far. But more $$$ = more taxes to pay… And it’s actually the reason why it’s more than 2 900$ that I had to pay extra in provincial and federal taxes. It’s kind of what I was expecting when I did my taxes by myself on Easter day. But I really wanted my taxes to be done correctly and along the run, it was a lot of stress for me. I do not regret paying 75$ to have my taxes done properly. I am quite happy to be done with all this now. I already pay my taxes through my online banking account.

For 2009, I definitively have to invest more in my RRSP. And TD Waterhouse is very annoying for this part because there’s an annual fee to be paid to invest in stocks through them for a RRSP account. Isn’t expensive enough that having to pay 29$ per basic transaction? But this is how TD Waterhouse likes to do business. Unfair or not, at the end, the money will just be invested someplace else. And it’s something else I want to take care of as soon as possible. Time is running out so quickly. I sometime have a hard time to stay organize.

I only have 2 047$ available on my credit line right now to purchase more stocks. I will wait probably until next month to make another purchase. Right now, my marvelous Pembina Income Fund (PIF.UN) is at 14.03$ and SIF.UN is at 12.25$. I just hope prices will false down lol just in time for me to purchase new units next month. I probably purchase other units of PIF.UN. Right now, PIF.UN is at exactly 14.03$! Love PIF.UN!

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