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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Updating my debt situation

Life was great when I was making more than 3 000$ per month after deductions in salary. But now, things begin to be rough, for the first time ever since I am in Montreal. I didn’t have too much problems to find work in Montreal I have to say. My situation had been good and 2008 had been a wonderful year as I almost reach 45 000$ in income. But now, with massive job lost of mine – one lay-off and one job were my hours had been cut, I felt almost desperate about the whole situation. Great thing I have this blog it help me to focus and keep my mind clean.

The whole situation is not that bad as I plan to be able to make just a bit more than 2 000$ per month. I will be able to meet ends and my bills, but as my goal was to. Earning an average of 3 000$ per month was the perfect situation for me – I have enough to pay my expenses and I have enough to invest in stocks every 2 months or so and so on. I guess I will have to slow down until I find another day job. As for now, I am getting lazy – I stay up very late at night and wake up… late… just like I love to do.

I still be able to invest in 200 units of Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) next month, as soon as I received my next pay check. So far, I am happy with my overall portfolio and dividend earnings are super good. I just cannot wait to see my dividend earnings rise over time.

Another interesting that I find about myself is that I really like to work in call center. Lately, we had been receiving calls like crazy. Time pass very quickly and one thing I pray for is for having my overtime back at my evening job. I am so in need of money right now! The problem with me is I want too much. I plan to take a couple of weeks off of morning jobs and just enjoying the rest for now.

About my debts situation:

Student loans debt: 10 627.99$
Credit cards debt: 3 000$ at 4.99% for 6 months
Credit line debt: 2 992.74$
Total: 16 620.73$

Having to manage 16 620.73$ is not that bad. But can online money be of any help? That’s what I want to check over. I plan to take the month of May to invest my time on my blog and other way to make money online. Will see if I can make money online.

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