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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I just received a "free" 75$ on April 6th

I just come from my new morning job. Well, not exactly new because I was working there only during weekends. The supervisors seem to be surprise to see on weekday’s lol. The survey is ok and I hope to be working 36 hours at that job until the end of August. I just hope everything will go well. As for the rest, I still had my evening job. We begin to receive a bit more calls, and I am feeling better now as I was beginning to worry about loosing another job of mine... again lol. Look like recession is no more just "as seen on TV" deal for me...

Wonder what’s that free 75$ is all about? I received yesterday 75$ from Sprott Asset Management (SII). They had provided a special dividend – 15 cents per stocks. Since I own 500 stocks of SII, I just earn a fantastic 75$. It’s not that much, but it makes a nice little deposit on my credit line and around those times, I need money – whatever the provenance lol. So basically, I just transfer the 75$ as a payment on my credit line.

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