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Sunday, April 26, 2009

My first vote as a shareholder of Methanex Corporation, Fortis, Sprott Asset Management and Livingston International Income Fund

I received the voting package one after the other through the mail not too long ago. The last one I received was the one coming from Livingston International Income Fund. And of course, none of the annual general meeting of shareholders is taking place in Montreal. I suppose I will vote through the Internet.

Strangely, for me who is French, I had received all of the above documentation in English. Last time, for Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), I had received the voting package in French, which I quite enjoy because I find the reading interesting. It was of a good reading and easy to understand – even for beginner like myself. I find it disgusting for those companies to send me their reports in English as my broker account is set-up in French. In consequence, I might vote against all directors.

As for the rest, I find the reading of the other report I had received pretty reading and I actually gave up on the reading. The one coming from Livingston International Income Fund is the worst one as its do not content any picture of its directors, among other things. As for the Methanex documentation, I quickly gave up on the reading. How annoying! The documentation coming from Bank of Nova Scotia was much more enjoyable. At least, there not too much things shareholders have to vote for. One question I find pretty annoying to vote for is the verification the company hired. Please, just be smarter and hired the cheapest one and no one will actually have to vote on such stupidity. The question appears on all documentation, including the one from Bank of Nova Scotia.

I just hope to be done with the reading and the voting very soon.

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