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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I had received my Pembina Pipeline Income Fund dividend for April

I had received 13$ in dividend from Pembina Pipeline Income Fund. And this is how I earn a one “free” unit of the ultra-ultra fantastic Pembina Pipeline Income Fund! I still wonder how Derek Foster could let this one go from his portfolio. But for myself, I know one thing; I am certainly going to purchase more units of this marvelous Pembina! Way too hot. I am still waiting for Pengrowth dividend, but I didn’t receive anything yet.

Since I registered to an automatic DRIP, I was told it could take some more times to receive dividend sometimes. It’s something I am always looking into, just in case… Because with TD Waterhouse… well, with TD lol. Just joking.

My nightmare with 2008 taxes is almost over. I have an appointment on Monday and after what, everything will be complete. I have everything prepared in my bank account just in case I need to pay big in taxes. I have a bit more than 3 200$ ready. I just cannot wait to see how much I will need to pay in taxes this year.

I had 1 600$ of my own money ready – I took a 400$ from my credit line at TD and another 1 000$ from my 10 000$ credit card I have with RBC. I withdraw the 1000$ from the bank machine and pay off immediately after with a check I had luckily received a couple of weeks ago from TD Visa – an around 5% deal for 6 months on balance transfer. I have a 5 000$ limit on my TD Visa.

And I actually have another 3 000$ I could take way from my RBC Visa and pay it off with Visa TD check and I was willing to do so and purchase SIF.UN or PIF.UN that way lol. Like at a point, it’s just doing any sense. I just cannot stand it too much longer. I want to make another investment. My last investment with Pembina was on a Friday, on the 13 back in March.

If I decide to move on with this major move, I will probably be working on paying back credit cards for the next 6 months – or even more.

I almost already reach 5 000$ on my credit line. If I add 4 000$ to this amount, it make 9 000$ that is needed to pay it all off within the next 6 months. In order to do so, a payment of 1 500$ per month will be needed. Not impossible, but I will have to cut on my daily expenses.

I am self-confident with the whole investment deal and I thing I am doing well, even by looking at my broker account. I calculate and I actually lost more than 12 000$. But even if I had lost great deal of money, I still want to continue to invest as long as I have enough money to do so.

I am playing and playing, I just hope to win big at the end.

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