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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This morning was my last morning

…at my 3rd job.

I did from 9AM to 3PM and when I was done, I said goodbye to ones who where still there and I left. And it actually did something to me when I left even knowing how exhausting the job was mentally and physically – mentally because for the past couple of months I basically never knew if, for the day after, there was going to have work for me – that was pretty exhausting. And physically well, physically burn out because I had to wake up early, latest 7h30 AM after arriving at around 1 AM from my evening job.

But I won’t complaint too much about it, I was able to make it anyway, it wasn’t that exhausting. And for a while – almost a year – in April it would had make one year I had been working there. The workplace was always super clean, in a beautiful building near a metro and really, it was quite nice but the pay was low. I wouldn’t have take it as a full-time job but it was almost a perfect part-time job, only part that was rough it not knowing how many hours I was going to work each week. If I would have working only there, I would have probably freaked out. It’s terribly difficult to work in those conditions. It does remain me back of the times I was in Ottawa working for staffing agencies. Just the worst part of my life I want to forget.

Now, I am almost in a vacation until April 6th. Until that date, I won’t be working during the mornings which mean I will have... free time! I also having this Saturday off and it’s going to be real nice to have all this free time for myself as I enjoy surfing the Web so much.

I wish to make 36 hours at my weekend job and work full-time and – I wish some overtime will soon be available at my evening job. As for the rest, nothing changes; expect I had given up on Gomez PEER. I had waited and wait and wait and the status of the registration was still pending. So what I did is that I remove the program from my laptop. I guess I will just have to find new ways to make money online lol.

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